Global Warming Or Climate Change

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Global Warming or Climate Change


Various scientists and professional have evaluated that the global warming is a serious threat for the living creature of Earth. Global warming refers to the slower change in the temperature of the surface of the earth. Numerous studies have shown that greenhouse gases and pollution are the leading cause of global warming. Moreover, global warming has a direct affect over the humans, birds, animals, and sea creatures. World Health Organizations and the government of different countries are taking effective measure to reduce the extent of global warming.



Causes of Global Warming6

Soot and Particulates7

Greenhouse Gases8

Activity of Sun9

Climate Models10

Effects of Global Warming on Environment11

Effects of Global Warming on Living Creatures12

Terrestrial Animals12

Birds and Water Creatures13

Human Beings14

Effects of Global Warming on Social System15

Measures to Reduce Global Warming15

Government Policies on Global Warming15

Measures to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions16

Plantation and Forestation17



Global Warming or Climate Change


Gradual increase in the temperature of earth is known as global warming. This rise in temperature is attributed to the effect of greenhouse that is caused by the elevated levels of the CFCs, pollutants, and carbon dioxide. Global warming can also be defined as the increase in the temperature of atmosphere of earth and oceans. The concept of global warming is a serious issue, and it was started in the late 19th century. It was evaluated by a number of studies that the average surface temperature of the earth has been increased by around 1.4 degree Fahrenheit (0.8 degree Celsius) in early 20th century. This rise in temperature increased around two third percent in 1980. The calculation shows that the extent of global warming is increasing continuously. Moreover, global warming makes a direct impact over various factors. Warming of the atmosphere is unequivocal, and certain professionals & scientists are 95% sure that the only cause of global warming is the increasing concentration of gases in greenhouse. Moreover, the scientists have also described that the burning of fossils and deforestation are the major causes of increased concentration of gases in greenhouse. All of these findings are documented by the academy of national science. Global warming is a fact, and it is affecting a number of various factors related to earth. Acceptance of global warming is extremely necessary for the individuals, so they can work for building up certain preventive measures. Intergovernmental panel for climate change (IPCC) published their 4th assessment report that summarized different climate model in the year 2007. The report clearly mentioned that the global temperature will be increased from 1.1 to 2.9 C in the 21st century. The report also mentioned that the sensitivity to the greenhouse gas concentration is the only cause for the rise in global warming (Victor, 2011).

A number of studies have also shown that the future climate change or global warming will vary from countries to countries around the world. The effects of global warming is directly associated with the rise in sea levels and change in the pattern or amount of subtropical deserts. The professionals and scientist have also described that the warming will ...
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