Rhetorical Analysis: Al Gore's Nobel Speech

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Rhetorical analysis: Al Gore's Nobel Speech

The document I chose for rhetorical analysis is Al Gore's Nobel Speech which he delivered in Norway, Olson on December 10, 2007 emphasizing on the global warming and how it is affecting the world, also suggested the steps that can be taken to help the crisis. The ethos or the credibility of the speech belongs to Al Gore as he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, with Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. He was the 45th Vice President of the United States and is currently referred to as an author, businessman, and environmental activist. The purpose of Al Gore's campaign was to increase responsiveness regarding the hazards of global climate change and warming. This concept was later turned into a documentary, An inconvenient truth, which eventually won the Oscar award.

Reason for Choosing Al Gore's Nobel Speech

The reason I chose this text is that the issue of global warming is not concerned with just one society. It is a general matter and to some extent everyone is and will be affected by it.

Section 1: Strategies Used By the Authors/ Speaker to Get the Audience


Al Gore used personal story of motivation and tells us about his widespread study in the field to make sure that his audience finds him credibile. These appeals to ethos, combined with his affectionate tone, reacts an effective argument for the global warming. Our World has gone through several climatic changes throughout out its life. Everybody knows that global warming is neither new nor unusual. Global warming is a serious problem which is threatening the existence of our civilization. The change in the global climate would largely change the typical weather conditions. He was appealing to the ethos by talking about his own experience which was seven years ago, while reading his own opinion and judgment which appeared harsh to him. But that dreadful verdict also brought a precious and painful gift to him. He said, “An opportunity to search for fresh new ways to serve my purpose.” By providing his personal experience, he was able to establish a solid base to talk about the global warming.

Global warming climate change has become a serious crisis and needs "an urgent call to action." Al Gore chose to talk about the global warming in his Nobel lecture which is a very powerful podium, also, where he could share his thoughts or Ideas more effectively. Gore stated that humanity's clear responsibility for the climate crisis and urged world leaders to take immediate steps to curb global warming.

Gore's dialect included different languages with translation which could help bind everybody in one thread, and addressed everybody to call for action. He explained that people have already migrated to other geographical situations because of the global climate change. He advised that everybody should emerge as one power to help the planet because some parts of the planet are hotter than others. Being an environmentalist, gives him the credibility to talk about the global warming ...
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