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“Evaluation and explanation of the Problem in - Guess the Card-”

“Evaluation and explanation of the Problem in - Guess the Card-”

The Problem

The problems are to solve the question of which cards we have. This is to be calculated using mathematical and deductive reasoning in relationship to the hints given by the other members according to the clues from the cards. To do so, it is important to consider the game and the details behind the working. The players have to be the first to discover the card chosen by the opponent to win. The game "Guess the Card" in the other hand, is for everyone, be it adults, adolescents and children. It may include the brain-damaged adults, victims of brain injury, stroke, Alzheimer's type dementia, to stimulate their mental capacity.

Additionally, it may include children and adolescents with brain damage also, and children and adolescents with a learning disorder. The objective of the game is to stimulation executive functions and to encourage the inhibition, the development of strategies, action research in memory, and the semantic processing by perceptual or functional features. Thus, the game is adaptable to the abilities of the patient and their goals, be it leisure, or treatment goals. In this game, two players must find the card chosen by the other by asking questions to eliminate successive cards by category to which they belong.

The Approach

What strategy that will be use to solve the problem is deduction reasoning in a mathematical way. All the clues and information that is available is evaluated, and clues are followed to move from general results to more specific cards to solve the question. In logic, a deduction is an argument for the conclusion is inferred necessarily from the premises. In its formal definition, a deduction is a sequence finite of ...
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