Health Care Management

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Health Care Management

Health Care Management


Modern health care, as the difficult socio-economic system is a priority role in the movement to the socially-oriented state. The most important task of strategic policy of the state in the effective development of health care is optimizing the use of limited resources to maximize satisfaction of social needs in health care.

However, the dynamics of health care suggests that, instead of the extreme shortage of funds, health care continues to operate in developed countries in Soviet times. The former administrative-command system of vertical control, based at central planning and rationing, a hard order to financial expenditures of the budget, was quite adequate financial capacity of the state. With the transition to the market, the shortage of resources in the construction of management systems and health financing is necessary to find the most rational relationship between government regulation and development of market mechanisms. A fundamental principle of governance is the maximum orientation of the system to the consumer. (Eliezer, 2003)

Analysis showed that the basic contradiction that emerged in the health system is the lack of consistency between meeting social needs in health care and public health financing. To a large extent, this contradiction can be resolved through the study of methodological approaches to improve the efficiency of managerial decisions in the process of planning a balanced development of regional health systems.

Discussion and Analysis

Since it was raised, the goal of Health for all by the year 2000 set a challenge for all countries to reorient their health care systems on the basis of these objectives. It is necessary to know the needs and ideals of health of the population to provide comprehensive health services to respond to these needs and is in turn effective in cost. Transform the predominant character of these systems of care and turn them into services a preventive and rehabilitative care as necessary in the elderly and disabled, in short, systems of universal coverage and equity. It is needed for it to change management approaches and methods, and to provide financial resources, these are the dilemmas facing the sector.

Management Problem That Affects the Health Care Industry

A special conference of the World Health Organization (WHO), devoted to the 30th anniversary of the founding document for primary health care. The world is currently more often than ever, is faced with medical problems. And the WHO report, released this year, confirms its confidence. Alma at a Declaration, adopted in this city thirty years ago, called the primary health care to the road to health, to which should go to all of humanity. It was well thought out attempt to overcome the huge, largely preventable differences in health status of countries. For the first time, thanks to this declaration, the issue of equity in health care was included in the international political agenda. (Elaine, 2005)

Planning Health Development

Four inappropriate approaches to governance and planning health development are lack of modern technologies in health care decision-making (re-engineering, controlling), corresponding to the target management of socio-economic system, ...
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