Health Information Management Technology In Us

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Health Information Management Technology in US

Health Information Management Technology in US


The information technologies have been integrated by all industry players care Health more or less homogeneous. Given their rapid evolution, modernization / overhaul of their applications should be conducted in depth in order to make players the most advanced real news aggregators for better quality of care and reducing costs taken into charge. It is a major challenge, especially for insurers to which the innovation is dependent on a number of checks including:

Waves of consolidation that have monopolized their energies on economies of scale than on innovation itself

Heavy regulation and complex opposing a certain "strategic malleability"

Divergent competing interests between different stakeholders in the care market Health

And especially a certain slowness to adopt information standards at the forefront of technological developments in force in other industries and services (aerospace, automotive, Internet Media Telecoms).

Anyway, since the information technology for Health become more accurate and widespread, many companies and institutions are forced to integrate the potential of development and change.

The United States has one of the greatest healthcare services in the field of health information management technology. In 2010, the healthcare aids industry explained more or less $1.75 trillion in incomes and utilized over 14 million individuals, or nine percent of the U.S. workforce. The U.S. bureau of labor statistics caters the development in the industry will yield 3.2 million new occupations between 2008 and 2018. Businesses in home human services utilities and analytic research centers are wanted to develop at the quickest pace - up to 40 percent over the following 10 years. The industry is underpinned by a remarkably skilled and decently-prepared workforce that incorporates specific medical practitioners, nurture and technicians, and is sponsored by an in number private-area health protection industry that furnishes patients with decisions for their restorative forethought. Associations between the social insurance fix industry and the bio pharmaceutical and therapeutic unit commercial ventures moreover act for extra sources of development and improvement (Bodenheim, 2005).



It was in the 1990s that the cost of health care began to increase. The brand reached 42 million Americans who have no health insurance or health care coverage. In the coming years, it is expected that considerable stress will be imposed on the American sector of health care due to the increasing number of old people who are sick. In the near future, the number of health care programs and insurance coverage will also see some increase.

A recent U.S. survey showed that nearly 80% of adults use online media to obtain information related to health care, and 15% use their cell phones. During our consultation YMCA-Commission in Toronto, a Grade 11 student told us to get all the health information of a son on Twitter CNN Health. Here is the reality in which nurses wish to influence health.

According to the law a few million people under 26 years of age has already been covered by the health insurance of their parents. This element of the reform was very ...
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