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Essay on African-American Studies

African-American history constitutes the part of American history that explains the Black American or African-American ethnic groups in the US. The American history students are often required to write African-American studies essay. Writing such essays requires appropriate research material which at times is difficult to find. This section of Researchomatic effectively incorporates research data for writing quality African-American studies essay.

LITERATURE Identity Identity What is an Identity? Identity can be defined from two perspectives. It can be described from the social aspect and the personal aspect. In the former sense identity can be referred to as a social category that is individuals who are tagged by a label and are said to be ...
Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl The aim of this essay is to answer the following questions Discuss the role of "Big Mama" (Black female slaves working in the houses of their master) in the plantation system. Also, use modern and historic figures as examples. Describe the relationship that Harriet had ...
African American Religious Beliefs And Practices In The New World
African American Religious Beliefs and Practices in the New World African American Religious Beliefs and Practices in the New World African American Religious Beliefs In Past In these early years of the new millennium, religious congregations are still important centers of energy and service in black communities. For millions of African Americans the ...
The Slave Trade
THE SLAVE TRADE How the slave trade affected and the impact it had on Africa How the slave trade affected and the impact it had on Africa Africa is one of the most enriched soils to have existed on the face of the Earth. With the reputation of being the second largest continent ...
The Ancient Empire Great Zimbabwe
The Ancient Empire Great Zimbabwe Introduction One of the great African civilizations after the Pharaohs is the empire of Great Zimbabwe, built by the Shona that stood between the present-day Zimbabwe, eastern Botswana and South East of Mozambique, from 1100 to 1500 AD. Civilization architecture developed to such an extent that some ...
Ancient Empire Of Songhai
Ancient Empire of Songhai Introduction The ancient empire of Songhai has been a part of Africa for the same timeframe of Mali, which created the foundation for Songhai to take over. This paper has been framed and identified for the purpose and objective of creating the best and most effective avenue of ...
Ancient Empire Of Mali
Ancient Empire of Mali Introduction In this paper, we shall pertain to describe, analyze and decipher the ancient empire of Mali as a complete picture. From root to tip, we shall discuss where the culture existed, what was the culture, religion, history and civilization accustomed to and how did the people lead ...
Ancient Empire Of Ghana
Ancient Empire of Ghana The origins and rise of the ancient West-African Empire of Ghana, situated in the far western savannah, are ambiguous. The empire could be existing before 5th century AD or in the 5th century AD. However, Ghana Empire came to be known as the "The Land of Gold" ...
Ancient Empire Of Egypt
Ancient Empire of Egypt Introduction The purpose of this essay is to expand the boundaries of our knowledge by exploring some relevant facts and figures relating to the Ancient Empire of Egypt. A cursory look at the monuments of ancient Egypt reveals that this ancient civilization was not only impressive but also ...
Malcolm X
MALCOLM X Malcolm X Introduction From Malcolm earliest days, his family was traumatized by violence. Shortly before Malcolm was born, members threatened to kill his father; the incident caused the family to move briefly to Michigan. The death of Malcolm father threw the family into a crisis. Malcolm quickly learned that he could boost his income ...
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