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Research Papers on African-American Studies

Writing African-American research papers is a big task for students as they have to include even the smallest details of the events. A good research paper should include all such aspects for which good research data is a must. This section of researchomatic provides its users with the best quality of research material that is most appropriate for writing African-American studies research papers.

Civil Rights Movement
CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Non-Violent Protests during the Civil Rights Movement Table of Contents Introduction3 Discussion3 Civil Rights Movement4 African Americans5 The case for the necessity of African American struggle6 Rosa Parks7 Success of the Civil Rights Movement7 Malcolm X8 Martin Luther King9 Civil disobedience and the role of King as a minister10 Conclusion11 Non-Violent Protests during the Civil Rights Movement Introduction The campaigning movement to ...
Dominican Republic
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Migrations of African to the Dominican Republic Migrations of African to the Dominican Republic Introduction Migration of African Americans, commonly termed as the African Diaspora, was a remarkable movement inaugurated by the black nation. The predominant objective behind this movement was their struggle against slavery and injustice. African along with their ...
Influential Music And Musicians During The Harlem Renaissance
Influential music and musicians during the Harlem renaissance Introduction The Harlem Renaissance was emerged in the year 1917 originally by the name of “Negro Renaissance”. It is also known as the splendid era of African-American art because of success it got through the joined effort of black and white which improved ...
African Americans In World War I
African Americans in World War I [Course Number] [Name of the Instructor] African Americans in World War I Introduction The First World War 1914-1918 - the war between the two coalitions, Powers: the Central Powers ( Germany, Deutschland), Federal Republic of Germany (Deutschland, Bundesrepublik Deutschland) a state in Central Europe. Washed by the Baltic ...
Ancient Moorish Culture
Ancient Moorish Culture Introduction Many of the roots of the ancient Moorish dynasty can be traced from the Muslim inhabitants of Al-Andalus (Spain and Portugal), Megreb and Western Africa. In many parts of Europe, the word Blackmoor was commonly used to refer anyone of Arab or African descendant. As per a ...
History Of African American
History of African American History of African American Introduction Racial discrimination is one of the ugliest facts surrounding United States. It has been a recurring issue ever since Christopher Columbus discovered America. Starting from the days of Slavery, then to civil war and through Jim Crow to Civil Rights Movement the African Americans ...
ABSTRACT The research paper is a brief history of Egypt which covers all the aspects related to the development of Ancient Egypt to modern Egypt. The research paper contains the history, development, trade, transport, current and ancient economy, the role of women in Egypt and also discusses the population of Egypt. ...
METEOROLOGISTS Meteorologists Meteorologists Don Sarreals One of the famous meteorologists Don Sarreals was born on the 22nd of September in North Caroline in the year 1913. Acquiring a bachelor's degree of science in meteorology in the year 1957, he further attained a master's degree from New York University in the year 1961. Initially ...
James Weldon Johnson
James Weldon Johnson James Weldon Johnson Introduction Over the centuries, the world has witnessed various leaders, political personals, social activists, and mere ordinary citizen who had determination and took the responsibility to change the fortune of their nation, they had the fortitude and courage to face the world, speak and fight against ...
Langston Hughes
Langston Hughes Introduction Langston Hughes was born on February 1, 1902. He is a famous poet, novelist, playwright and columnist of American in the twentieth century. His fame is largely due to his involvement in the cultural movement that rocked Harlem in the 1920's which is more commonly known as the Harlem ...
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