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Essay on American History

American history starts with the arrival of Columbus in 1492. The American history students are often required to write essay on American history. Writing such essays requires appropriate research material which at times is difficult for students to find. This section of Researchomatic effectively incorporates research data on writing quality essay on American history, based on which students can get good grades.

M02 The Reconstruction Era
M02 The Reconstruction Era M02 The Reconstruction Era Introduction Reconstruction after the Civil War, called the U.S. Reconstruction is the period following the Civil War, from 1863 to 1877, which saw the destruction of the slave system of the Confederation, the return of the Southern states in the Union and the failure of ...
Vast Selection Of Images Of American Indians
Vast selection of images of American Indians Pictures of John White exemplified methods that the Red Indians could be of value to the English settlement. People of Europe could ascertain generative and hospitable residents with rich food and area. Their small towns were systematic, and they exhibited their aptitude by utilizing ...
Woody Guthrie
Woody Guthrie Introduction Woody Guthrie (born on 14th July 1912 in Okemah, Oklahoma and died on 3rd October 1967) was a singer and folk guitarist in the United States. His father, named Woodrow Wilson Guthrie, was a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the presidential election. Woody's mother died of Huntington's ...
Social And Political Transformation During The New Deal And Changes Associated With 1960s
Social and Political Transformation during the New Deal and Changes Associated with 1960s The inception of New Deal in the United States was incepted to propose effective strategies aimed to cope with the factors influencing political, economic and social crisis in the country. There were drastic changes encountered in the political ...
United States Immigration
United States Immigration United States Immigration Introduction The U.S. Constitution contains no provisions restricting immigration, it only authorizes Congress to legislate on immigration, because this issue relates to the competence of the federal government and states that immigrants must pay a fee for entry into the country. In the first hundred years of ...
Images Of Women In Postwar Mass Culture
Images of Women in Postwar Mass Culture Introduction In the 1950s, suburban communities started booming. The first mass-produced suburb - Levittown, New York - was built in 1951. The houses made in these suburbs were built quickly and cheaply, so they were affordable. After the GI Bill was passed in 1944, ...
Family And Social Relations
Family and social relations Family and social relations Introduction From over the years, the prime differentiation that exists between humanity and beast is that humans pose the quality of their mind for uncountable reasons. Whereas, reasons mean that human being has the potential to formulate, think, analyze the situations, sense of working and ...
The Second War For American Independence
The Second War for American Independence The Second War for American Independence Introduction A military war, the war of 1812, fought between forces of British empire and United Sates of America for several reasons including: restriction for trade imposed by Britain die to the enduring war with France; support of British against the ...
Triangle, The Fire That Changed America By David Von Drehle
Triangle, the Fire that Changed America by David Von Drehle Triangle, the Fire that Changed America The book “Triangle, The Fire that Changed America” is written by David Von Drehle. In this book Drehle explains the fire that took place at the Triangle Company which was New York's largest blouse factory. The ...
African-American Struggle
African-American Struggle African-American Struggle Introduction In order to understand that chronicles of African-American's struggle for civil-rights, it is important to look into the discrimination, hardships, assimilation and prejudice they faced. Civil rights movement was not just a movement to get a front seat at bus or to vote but it was fought for ...
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