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Essay on Latin-American Studies

Latin American studies, is an academic discipline which deals with the study of Latin America and Latin Americans. The students of this discipline are often required to write essays on different topics. This section of Researchomatic helps such students to write an outstanding essay on any topic of Latin American studies by using its huge database.

Race In Brazil
RACE IN BRAZIL Race in Brazil Races in Brazil Introduction Brazil has been described as a racial democracy due to the lack of a clear color distinction and a strong cultural tradition of tolerance and cordiality of its people. This is mainly due to different mixed races that have intermarried such that most ...
Aztec Ball Game
AZTEC BALL GAME Aztec and Mayan Game (juego de pelota) Aztec and Mayan Game (juego de pelota) Introduction The ball game is among one of the ancient sports in the world. The game also knows as “juego de pelota. The major civilizations of Meso America played this game, few of which include Olmec, ...
RACISM The themes of race, nationalism and international relations The themes of race, nationalism and international relations Introduction The main purpose of this paper is to make an analysis on the themes of race, nationalism, and international relations. The paper is about the point of view of Alan Klein about the race, nationalism ...
Family Structure In Latin America
Family Structure in Latin America Family Structure in Latin America The question that will be addressed in the topic is the second one which is: Q2- How does the idea of “making kin” influence family structure and kinship patterns in Latin America, particularly the Andes? Gendered parenting practices and expectations? What is ...
Was Slavery Profitable In Latin America?
Was slavery profitable in Latin America? Was slavery profitable in Latin America? Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness simply did not seem consistent with the practice of chattel slavery. How could a group of people feel so passionate about these unalienable rights, yet maintain the brutal practice of human ...
Casalcalle Distinction
CasalCalle Distinction Traditional gender ideology is more difficult to document than many of the structural changes analyzed thus far, because it is rooted in women's dual productive/reproductive role. Traditionally, women are charged with primary responsibility for domestic chores and child care, whereas men are designated as the primary breadwinners. Designating men ...
Day Of The Dead
Day of the Dead Introduction Life is beautiful. But, we also have heard that life is not a bed of roses. It shows us scores of ups and downs and makes us face reality. One of the bitter truth and reality of life is that it has to end someday at some ...
Preserving Cultures, Values, And Identities
Preserving Cultures, Values, and Identities Preserving Cultures, Values, and Identities Introduction The United States of America is more ethnically and racially diverse as the cities and suburbs has filled with new immigrants. According to the government of U.S., country's number of Latinos is the most striking growth as many immigrants from Cuba, Mexico, ...
Contemporary Problems In Latin America
Contemporary Problems in Latin America Introduction Life is beautiful! It is the privilege right of a human being to lead his or her life in a peaceful way with the right of practicing and exercising all the basic rights. Unfortunately, in this world not all the human beings are able to exercise ...
Immigrant Workers
IMMIGRANT WORKERS Dominican Republic and Haitian immigrant worker experiences in the United States Dominican Republic and Haitian immigrant worker experiences in the United States Introduction United States in the land of dreams and various people across the globe land and try their luck to create a better life for them and their future generations. ...
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