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Essay on Native-American Studies

Students who study Native American discipline are required to write essays on different topics such as American Indian, Indigenous American, Aboriginal, Native, or First Nations. Writing such essays require much research material and information which gets difficult for the students. This section of Researchomatic helps the users to write a quality essay on any topic in Native American studies.

Cultural Literacy
Cultural Literacy Cultural Literacy Introduction The history of Native Americans or American Indians, is a unique, tragic and at the same time full of optimism. It is unique because the Indians were indigenous to the Americas and experienced all the stages of its colonization by Europeans, beginning with the first colonies in the ...
Amerindians In Popular American Culture
Amerindians in Popular American Culture Amerindians in Popular American Culture Introduction The Native American culture is represented, from the beginning of American cinema, very stereotypically. This cinema presents Indians as independent, proud people who are thirsty for blood and barbaric. Hollywood industry often ignore the true historical context of culture Indians posses and ...
Native-American Revitalization Movements
Native-American Revitalization Movements Native-American Revitalization Movements Introduction The revitalization movements initiated by the Native Americans have had a deep impact on their history and how they live in this world. The idea was to bring to attention of the people the message of God that guided them as to how live and gave ...
American Native And U.S Government
American Native and U.S Government American Native and U.S Government Introduction The term Native Americans refers specifically to the descendants of people living in what is now the contiguous United States prior to the mass arrival of settlers from other continents. . Other terms to refer to Native Americans include American Indian, Indian, ...
Christianization Of Natives
Christianization of Natives Christianization of Natives Introduction It is a human nature to explore and experience new things and places. This can be seen in the history where different explorers from Europe reach to the America (Tweed, 1997). These explorers mainly came from France, Spain, Netherlands and Britain. It is important to know ...
Creation Stories
CREATION STORIES Creation Stories of Native American Based On the Inuit, Cherokee and Annishabe of Central Canada Creation Stories of Native American Based On the Inuit, Cherokee and Annishabe of Central Canada Inuits In the past, the Inuit were a nomadic people who survived mainly by hunting and following the seasonal movements of game. ...
The Granger Movement
The Granger Movement The Granger Movement Introduction The purpose of this study is to expand the boundaries of our knowledge by exploring some relevant facts and figures relating to the topic of Granger movement. The National Grange, or Order of the Patrons of Husbandry, was founded by Oliver Kelley in 1867. By 1875, ...
Inuit Literary History
Inuit Literary History Inuit Literary History Introduction In 1977, Inuit representatives from Alaska, Arctic Canada, and Greenland gathered in Barrow, Alaska, for the inaugural meeting of the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC). In order to create a unified position from which to deal with southern administrations, they drafted a resolution that declared ...
Crow Indian Tribe
Crow Indian Tribe Introduction The Crow or Apsaalooke have always been an intriguing people, and once the expansion of Euro-Americans intensified, they were sought after for their fine robes and ornaments by traders and trappers. The Grand Entrance they exhibited when they approached a village or post set them apart from other ...
Indian Removal
Indian Removal Introduction From 1824 to 1849, the Bureau of Indian Affairs was housed within the War Department; the agency then known as the Office of Indian Affairs. The placement of the agency was reflective of the mostly constant hostile and conflicts nature of U.S. and Native relations. Through warfare, other uses ...
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