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Research Papers on Native-American Studies

Writing research papers on Native American studies requires a great deal of time and effort, especially while researching. A good research paper should effectively incorporate all the details of a historic event. This section of Researchomatic has a huge database of research material which helps the users to write great history research papers on Native American studies even for the most primordial events.

Treaty Of Fort Laramie (1868)
Treaty of Fort Laramie (1868) Treaty of Fort Laramie (1868) Introduction Native Americans' history in United States date back several decades. Finding and settlement of the western U.S. by Europeans and Americans wreaked chaos on the Indian residents living there. In the nineteenth century the American force for development clashed aggressively with the ...
Effects Of Indian Removal
Effects of Indian Removal Effects of Indian Removal Introduction American interest in the peaceful integration of Indians into white American society waned after the War of 1812. In that war the United States routed Tecumseh's pan-Indian confederacy in the Northwest and decimated the Redstick Creeks in the South. After the war, American commissioners ...
Comanche Warrior Culture
Comanche Warrior Culture Introduction The name Comanche has two explanations. The name comes from the Spanish "cameo ancho" meaning wide track, highway, or an Ute word meaning "enemy, those who are still fighting. They also called Paducah by early explorers French and American. The Comanche called themselves Mununuh "the people". Comanche ...
Leann Howe's Shell Shaker
LeAnn Howe's Shell Shaker Introduction Native Americans are the common name of the peoples who inhabited in America. Native Americans are Indians, Alaska and Hawaiians etc. They are the indigenous people in North America inside the boundaries of the contemporary continental United States. The Native American novel has different writing style. However, ...
The Trail Of Tears
The Trail Of Tears The Trail Of Tears Introduction The trail of tears basically known as the 'Indian problem' because the White Americans, who were living on the western frontier, had certain insecurities about the Native Americans that lived there. The white Americans took the Native Americans as aliens and thought that ...
Mayan Human Sacrifice
MAYAN HUMAN SACRIFICE Mayan Human Sacrifice within the Context of Spirituality Mayan Human Sacrifice within the Context of Spirituality Introduction Maya human sacrifice is the term used for the act of killing human beings on the part of religion or ritual. It resembles the slaughter of animals served for religious purposes. Maya art ...
Ute Tribe In North Rio Grande
Ute Tribe in North Rio Grande TOPIC: Ute Tribe PROSPECTUS/ABSTRACT: Ute Tribe has a rich history and it is one of the known tribes in the North of Rio Grande in Colorado, North America. Extensive research will be conducted to outline as well as to present this prominent tribe in the ...
American Indian Culture
American Indian Culture Abstract This research paper aims to discuss the cultural traditions of Americans Natives/ Alaskan Indians. Moreover it also provide detailed information regarding their beliefs towards mental health services, role of religion in their lives, their sexual beliefs and the concept and role of family in their lives. Table of ...
Thomas Jefferson And Native Americans
Thomas Jefferson and Native Americans Introduction President of the United States from 1801 to 1808 and author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson was also a passionate intellectual, accomplished scholar, philosopher, scientist, agronomist, musician, polymath, man of letters, and geographer. In addition to his accomplishments as president, ambassador to France, and ...
Native American History
Native American History Native American History Introduction Native Americans are the indigenous peoples in North America inside the lines of the present-day continental United States, regions of Alaska, and the island of Hawaii. They are made up of many, differentiated Native American and ethnic tribes, many of them get away with it as ...
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