Holistic Intervention

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Holistic Intervention

Holistic Intervention

Background Case

This is the case of 35-years old lady who is the patient of laryngeocotomy following the cancer of the oesophagus. A laryngeocotomy is usually indicated as a treatment of an advanced stage of larynx cancer. In the treatment of laryngeocotomy the voice box of effective patient is removed. The operation of laryngeocotomy causes the psycho-social insinuations for the patient as well as for his family. In order to cope up with the challenges of everyday life patients need the social support to survive. Such a patient needs a patient care of holistic approach.

Holistic Approach

Holistic approach for the patient care includes the spiritual, physical, mental and emotional health of any individual or patient. It discovers the association between body, spirit, environment and the mind. Holistic treatment involves a variety of therapies along with inherently multifaceted philosophies on the subject of the treatment and prevention of illness (Gardner, 2008, p.16). The questions right exist at the same time as to the protection of alternative and complementary medicine else it is called CAM that are an essential fraction of holistic treatment and whether it really restore to health conditions as well as diseases they are taking care of.

In accordance with alternative medicine, there are usually standard comes within reach of to holistic care. One of which is complementary medicine that includes conservative medical treatment in combination with holistic therapies. Second is the alternative medicine that is utilized in the position of usual treatment (McEvoy, 2008, p. 415). The 3rd one is integrative medicine that includes mainstream medical treatment linked to the holistic treatments.

Guidelines on Supportive and Palliative Care

Palliative care may be defined as the holistic and active care of the patients with higher progressive sickness. Management of other symptoms and pain, and stipulation of social, spiritual and psychological support is supreme. The objective of palliative care is attaining the high quality of health care for caregivers. Many features of the palliative care, also related previous in the way of the sickness in combination with some other treatments(Karthaus, et.al, p.12).

Patients with oesophagus cancer possess important requisites for the palliative care, together with pain and spiritual and psychosocial support and symptom management. The experience of oesophagus cancer has a great impact on the family of patient as well, and the palliative care requires survive from diagnosis throughout the end-of-life care and survivorship. Nurses of oncology have chances to incorporate palliative care hooked on disease-focused be concerned. National Consensus Project has developed the practicing clinical guidelines for the Quality Palliative Care (Karthaus, et.al, p.13). This has also favoured the practices described by the National Quality Forum, which acts as a structure or frame to direct nurses and medical representatives in that area. We can say that these set of national guidelines may serve like a roadmap to widen medical services or clinical services, which will provide services to the patients as well as their families.

The patients of cancer such as oesophagus cancer need the quality of health care in palliative ...
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