Hospital Technology Systems

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Hospital technology systems

Executive summary

Technological developments in the hotel industry has become a strong reason of trade dispute, as more and more guests demanding rooms as well as comfortable and pleasing to the eye, are to the forefront.

The impact of the media, dissemination and access to new electronic devices has dramatically changed the infrastructure of the entertainment world.

The main difficulty with the technology is the speed of its evolution, which makes it impossible for hotels being updated so quickly. For example, in recent years, the big step was for hoteliers include HD flat TV, now 3D LCD screens have revolutionized the market.

Air conditioning, cordless phones, flat TV and massage tubs ceased to be news to become indispensable. Today, these and other services have been modified and have been integrating comfort and technology alike.

Before, people are staying in a hotel to experience technology in rooms that were not yet affordable homes. Now the challenge is to provide technology products and systems that do not disappoint the visitor. Due to pressure edgy, often media, hoteliers have sought to meet these needs by outsourcing companies specialized in the field of technology.

Hotel Technologies, for example, is a company dedicated to developing innovative products for the hotel industry: keys and codes to enter the rooms, social networking for check-in, ultra-modern watches with alarm settings and new audio systems, lighting, HVAC and home theater entertainment like. This paper suggests with number of technology that are required for hotel business. Among all of the above the integral component of hospitality industry is effective communication that is considered as key to success for the business.

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Hospital technology systems


Technology in business poses significant importance. It is observed that technology at work brings efficiency and speed in operations. Thus allowing business goes through expansions quick and efficiently. There are several common technologies that are used in all business including communication technology such as video conferencing through VoIP, social networking to market the business, and virtual office technology that replaces the boundaries of workplace. It is also to mention that with technology in business, business can target huge base of customer efficiently and effectively. In this scenario, it can be said that in hotel or hospitability industry there is an important role of technology. Such as hotel staff and customer can take huge benefit from modifications in communication technology, guests and reservations services effectively. It is the technology in hotel industry that enables effective and continuous communication with customer throughout their association with hotel during their stay until his checkouts. This report base on technology required for hotel business at the time of startup in every department such as front desk, rooms, dining area, meeting room, catering room, and various other areas. In the later part of this report various technologies required for different departments will be analyzed and recommended for business (Daghfous & Barkhi, 2009).


Technological developments in the hotel industry has become a strong reason of ...
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