Impacts Of A Borderless Society

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Impacts of a Borderless Society

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Impacts of a Borderless Society


We all are living in a borderless society, when it comes to buying and selling goods and services or even food. The assignment discusses, in detail, the impacts of living in a borderless society. For this purpose, I have evaluated the components of my breakfast and lunch food items.


While having daily meals at breakfast, lunch or dinner, people do not give much thought about the process involved in making and delivering of the food products, they are consuming (Vaze, 2009). A food product passes from a number of interesting phases to reach its end version. To view these phases, I shall be considering my today's breakfast and lunch menu:


Chocolate Milk (made at home)

Ingredients: Low calorie Milk (Texas), Sugar (India) and Coco Powder (Bourneville, whereas, coco beans, listed on the coco powder had been imported from Ghana)

Cheese Sandwich in Wheat Bread (made at home)

Ingredients: Cheese (France), Brown Bread Slices (Texas, whereas, wheat flour for brown bread imported from India)


Chicken Enchilada soup (made at home),

Ingredients of soup include: chicken (Texas), tomatoes (Mexico), onions (Florida), green pepper (Mexico), various spices (Spices from India) and cheese (Philadelphia)

French Fries (made at home)

Ingredients: Potatoes (Alabama) and Canola Oil for Frying (Oil- India)

I bought all the food items, for breakfast and lunch, from Kroger's grocery store.

Chain of Events

The chain of events that took place in the making and delivering of the food item, from farm to my dining table, includes:

Milk and Cheese

There are various stages involved in milking a cow. There are various dairy farms in the US involved in processing and packaging of milk and dairy products. The farmers are associated with the milking process and sending milk for processing and packaging to the respective companies. The companies, then deliver the end product in the form of milk or dairy products to different distributors. The distributors are responsible for selling milk and dairy products to a retailer for final consumption of the product.

Coco Powder

The coco beans, imported from Ghana, were processed to get the finest quality of coca powder. The coco powder is then packed and supplied to the local markets for final consumption.

Wheat Bread

Once the wheat is harvested, it is turned into flour through milling of the wheat. The flour is then converted to dough, which involves correct measurement of the ingredients, followed by baking the dough into a loaf and then cooling it to cut the required pieces.


Chicken is raised locally in the United States. The chicken raised at the local market of my area is raised into layers, as well as, roasters.

Potatoes, Tomatoes, Green Pepper and Onions

All these vegetables are locally available at any nearest grocery store, of my area. The vegetables are available fresh or frozen in respective storage bags, throughout the year.

Benefits of Global Market

There are no geographic boundaries, in this world, when it comes to buying and selling goods and services or even food. There are no physical roads that connect points, but, there are virtual roads ...
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