Impacts Of A Borderless Society

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Impacts of a Borderless Society

Impacts of a Borderless Society


At present it is anticipated that food comes in United States after travelling about 1300 miles before final consumption. This shocking information may create high and intense problems in future especially when considering environmental factors involved in the process. For example, the food we consume on average in United States comes from various areas of the world, yet we have very little information about the exact location of source of our food (Hamm, 1993). In order to fulfill our dinner, breakfast, and lunch needs we visit local grocery stores every day to buy the various products. Today we have so many options in term of brands at the time of picking products from grocery store. The main problem of people around the world especially Americans is that they do not think about what chain of events had occurred to get these products to the grocery stores or where these products came from. Since there are two sides of a coin, thus we can say that this chain of events can be beneficial economically as well as ecologically. However if we look at the other side with every economic and ecological advantage, a disadvantage is sure to follow. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the impact of 2 of my meals on world from economic and ecological perspective.

Question 1

A: In the paper I decided to analyze my 2 meals (Breakfast and Lunch). In breakfast I usually take a bowl of cereals with glass of Fresh Juice or Glass of cold Milk whereas in lunch I take a chicken BBQ sandwich with bottle of Soda and salad. This diet is easily available since it is very common. Undoubtedly this is common food but must have originated from various parts of the world and has also exchanged hands several times. However specifically it talk about my Breakfast, It is manufactured in United States since it read on cereal box. The juice (Tropicana) and milk I consume is also manufactured it United States. And for lunch I tool had a BBQ sandwich with salad leaves, tomatoes, and ketchup and bottle of soda which is prepared at the cafeteria at work.

B: I usually purchase carton of juice, milk, and cereals from Wal-Mart and contents of lunch (soda and sandwich with salad) from cafeteria at work. Considering the chain of events that takes the product farm to our table.

C: if we look at the chain of events 20 years back we can say that it was way different because at that time things were different and things did not travel half of the world to reach us. But not things have drastically changes and will continue to change (Gussow, 1993). At present age of globalization, the chain of events that opens out consist addition of knowledge, diminishing of boards, easy and flexible movement from one area to another, and enhanced consumer buying behavior. There is timeline of chain of events more than a century which has ...
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