Improving The Efficiency Of Time Management In An Education Industry, Using Information Technology

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Improving the Efficiency Of Time Management in an Education Industry, Using Information Technology






1.3Statement of the Problem4

1.4Statement of the Purpose5

1.5Structure of the Research5

1.6Research Aim & Objective6

1.7Research Questions7

1.8Benefits of the study7


2.1IT as an important resource9

2.2IT Management in Higher Education9


3.1Research Design11

3.2Secondary Data11

3.3Definition of Qualitative Research12

3.4Assumptions of Qualitative Research12

3.5Literature Search13


3.7Justification for using Qualitative and Secondary Research Methodology14

3.8Data analysis14

3.9Ethical Considerations15

3.10Research Limitations15





General education is the primary right of every citizen living in a nation. It is the basic and most fundamental right of every human being to get quality education that would help him or her secure a strong and prosperous future. Education and its importance has existed since the time man came to his senses and started to develop his lifestyle and habitancy in this world. Schools, colleges and universities have been the most cherished and valued organizations in every part of the world. Just like other organizations and industries, even the education sector faces constant development and advancements.

One of the greatest advancement that this world has witnessed since the invention of the wheel and the four great Chinese products (paper, gunpower, printing and compass) is the creation of information technology. Since the word information technology encompasses many elements and aspects, we shall consider two main aspects of the word for this paper: computerized technology and the internet. Information technology has transformed the world from a human-operated place to a machine-operated and human-commanded place. The term that specifically defines such an action is called 'Symbiosis' where an action is done by a machine on the command (and a little intervention) of a person.

IT has helped improve the processes of an educational institute to a great extent. It has helped streamline control systems, monitoring systems, submissions and evaluations. Using IT, faculty members can communicate better with the students even when they are not in the classroom. Time management is another aspect that is affected by IT. This paper studies the current stance of IT in an educational institute and the level to which in impacts time management in students and the overall efficiency of the institute.


Since the time that information technology advanced and incorporated itself in almost every industry of the world, the education sector also encompassed the benefits of this technology into its system. Schools, colleges and universities started using information technology to improve their efficiency and output. The most obvious example of such integration is the online application forms and online entrance tests that are now conducted globally by educational institutes, saving a lot of cost and time. Today, information technology is an important part of any educational institute. Professors, teachers, faculty and students have identified many benefits of using information technology to enhance their learning and efficiency (Anjard, 1995, 34-37). Lectures can be shared with ease, assignments and reports can be submitted easily, computerized methods can be used for efficient communication and evaluations and notices can be sent and received without much delay or effort. IT can help improve the overall workflow of ...
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