Future Use Of Technology In Aviation Industry / Sector

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[Future use of Technology in Aviation Industry / Sector]



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Training has been identified as the key intervention strategy to improve quality and reliability of inspection of aircraft and reduce errors. This paper explores use of advanced technology for inspection training and reducing errors in inspector general aviation industry. Investigation was extended earlier work on formation of computer-based inspection for commercial aviation system in the system of inspection training for general aviation (GA) industry. This article describes results of research carried out over three years with following objectives: (1) task analysis of existing inspection operations in geographically dispersed locations GA, development (2) and organizes content to support training of inspection, (3) deliver the prototype training system and (4) Share research results to GA community and research community of aviation.

Relevance to industry

Designed specifically for training aircraft maintenance technicians in skills of inspection, inspection tool of computer-based training right aires - General Aviation Inspection Training System uses the multimedia approach to presenting opportunities for interaction between user and computer. It is expected that use of this tool to systematize and standardize inspection process training in general aviation industry.

Keywords: general aviation, visual inspection, training, computer-based training

Table of Contents




Background and need for research4

Need for task analysis4


Research benefits8


Aviation radiative forcing in the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report10


Contrail radiative forcing11

Aviation-induced cirrus cloud radiative forcing12

Climate metrics for comparing emissions from aviation13

Updating aviation radiative forcing in 200515

Aviation traffic and updated aviation fuel use for 200515

Modelling methodology for 2005 and 2050 aviation radiative forcing components16

Updated radiative forcing estimates for aviation in 200520

Uncertainties in 2005 aviation radiative forcings21


Analysis of visual inspection practices in general aviation industry29

Task analysis of operations at premises of GA30

Development of error taxonomy and identification of error genotypes33

Development and organization of material for use in inspection training41

GA development objectives of inspection training41

Identification of methods essential to GA inspection training43

Development of structure and content of training program45

Prototype development and delivery of training system46

Design specifications of application46

Software Development50

Software test and evaluation51


System Specifications56

Development Platform56

Minimum System Requirements56

System Structure56

Introduction Module56

Training Module58

Simulator module59

Design and analysis module60

General Discussion61


Importance and impact of research70

Air software distribution71


Future use of Technology in Aviation Industry / Sector

Chapter I: Introduction

Background and need for research

Need for task analysis

For Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to provide public with the safe and reliable air transport is important to have an aircraft inspection and maintenance system sound (FAA, 1991). This system inspection and maintenance is complex with many humans to each other and components of machine, with human's vital element. Recognizing this role of human person, FAA ...
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