Technology And The Future

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Technology and the Future

Technology and the Future

History of Internet

The first concept about the network was developed in 1973, and the first test of Interconnection Network was availed in July 1977. We can consider that the Internet was already active in the United States in 1982 and in late 80's it began to expand internationally in which users and networks from around the world were included.

However, until 1993, Internet use was limited to technical circles, scientists and academics. The vast majority of the population had never heard of the Internet, including people familiar with computers and the use of computers. At one point there was a turning point in which all the media started talking about the Internet, the public became interested in the topic, and the network began to be inserted in different areas of society and had significant cost implications. (Reagan, 2002)

The Internet boom is due largely to the emergence of World Wide Web (WWW, W3 or simply Web), but there are other technological factors contributing to this phenomenon. The development of computers with more capacity and low prices along with the corresponding software development, coupled with the advance of telecommunications has allowed developed countries the widespread domestic use of Internet. World Wide Web was initially developed at CERN (European Laboratory for Particle Physics) in Geneva. Initial work began in 1989, and in 1991 the first Web server and a browser for text-type interfaces were demonstrated. The objective then was to share knowledge and data effectively among the European physicists in the field of high energies because its working groups were scattered in several countries. Later than the system spread rapidly around the world covering the most diverse institutions and allowing access to all types of information.

Perhaps one of the main factors that contributed to the ...
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