Integrated Physical Science Report

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Integrated Physical Science Report


This report is about the constellations, planets, stars, and other objects actually identified in the sky. The report further discusses the Milky Way including solar system and the earth. By using binoculars when looked up into the sky, the Milky Way with the moon, planets, different stars and much more can be observed.

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Observing the Sky with a Binocular3

Satellites and Meteors5

The Moon6


The Double Cluster8

The Beehive Cluster9

What is Gravity and How Does It Work10

Law of Universal Gravitation10

Directions Given to Alien to Reach Earth12

The Milky Way13

The Solar System14

The Solar Neighborhood15

The Closest Star System16



Integrated Physical Science Report


The idea of stargazing brought into play sterile images of stars and the Milky Way hunched over binocular. The dark night and its charm and beauty can also be experienced and reachable just by looking up into the sky and observing the moon which is the only object on the sky that can be recognized without help of any extra instrument. Considering the universe as the most thoroughly examined soothing straight by one's own eyes. This sort of relieve as well as closeness is kept when one observes with the help of binoculars, the different objects that exist on the sky. By using binoculars when looked up into the sky, the Milky Way with the moon, planets, different stars and much more can be observed.


Observing the Sky with a Binocular

As far as it is realized, that the galaxy which is far away from the earth release actual photons 2.5 million years, leaves a beautiful and much attractive affect on the viewer as compare to the beautiful photos of these objects. In order to observe the Milky Way in a completely dark night has a beauty deeper than its visual existence. It is truly believed that viewing a dark sky to look up to see what heavens await brings beautiful feelings to mind. The details of the objects, various constellations, planets, stars, that were identified in the sky are as follows:

Satellites and Meteors


While observing the sky, the brightest of the almost continuous supply of meteors were seen. A Small streak of light was seen that was directing through my field of visualization and tiny, random acts of celestial violence were revealed (Masetti, 2012).


Big and bright satellites were observed and it was seen that there were various spots that were illuminating and were passing gradually across the sky. At a glance, it can be thought them airplanes but eventually the view can realize that those were the satellites as lights was not blinking in them. They can be observed for so long and can be followed. Their path and their altitude can be determined and one can find out where they get disappear in the sky. It is observed that they disappeared behind the shadow of Earth. Satellites were seemed to be the brightest thing in the night sky after moon (Powel, 2006).

The Moon

The moon is considered to be a source of romance, wonder and reflection as it can easily be visible through necked ...
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