International Business

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International Business

International Business


This paper aims to provide useful information regarding international business. Ten different websites are included in order to identify who these websites can be useful in assisting an individual to conduct business in global market. There are large amount of useful information that can be generated by a business person in order to do international business in most effective and efficient manner.


International business takes into account the business related transactions that take place around the globe. These international transactions include transfer of technology, capital to countries, managerial knowledge, goods and services. Exports and imports are common elements of international business. These websites are important for international business as they provide useful information regarding the export of goods and services, acquiring license mandatory for the production of goods in host countries, establishment of joint venture with other company, developing of branches for the production and distribution purpose in host countries, and assisting managerial related services to the organizations of host countries.

World Trade Organization (WTO) is an organization which is member driven and rules based organization. All of the decisions regarding WTO are made by the official members of government, and these government members negotiate with each other to conclude the rules. The website of WTO is important for intentional business as it provide a useful framework regarding the formulization and negotiation of trade agreements. The website also provide useful information regarding the process of dispute resolution that aims to enforce adherence of participants to agreements of TWO signed by government members' representatives. It is important for people engaged in international business to be well aware of the various trade related agreements.

The role of World Bank is significant for the determination of success in the international business. The website of World Bank provides useful information which is necessary for almost all of the organizations that are engaged in international business. World Bank is important for international business is it is the biggest financial institution that invests or loans heavily to the countries that are in developing stage for capital program. The ultimate goal of Word Bank is to insure that the level of poverty is reduced in all over the world. It becomes important for all the people engaged in international business to keep themselves updated by going through the website. The website of World Bank is continuously publishing news relating to trade in all around the world. It enables decision makers to choose best place suitable for conducting his or her business.

The impact of European Union is also significant in identifying who things change in international market. The website of European Union provides very useful information regarding the international business. Therefore, it is advisable for people in international business to keep themselves updated with the website of European Union. European Union includes 28 countries that have huge impact on the international business. The importance of rules, regulations, and policies cannot be isolated by any international organizations.

The official website of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian ...
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