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Internet Research

Q. As a student, how would you use an RSS feed for research? Name a website in your program or major that has an RSS feed that would be helpful to you.


As a student, the process of researching would be greatly enhanced. RSS feeds provide the updates that have been performed on a website. If a website is used for the purpose of research, then it would become very easy to update the research material, because when anything is updated on the website, then it is notified by the RSS feeds and so the researcher can visit the website for the updated content. is a website that used RSS feeds to notify of updates. By using the RSS feeds, a student can quickly find what he is looking for without the need to visit multiple websites. Moreover, it becomes easier to acquire the most up to date information.

Q. Share with the class the thesis statement on The impact of women and men in executive positions according to pay this will be using for the class project (this may evolve into something else by the time the project is due). Provide a list of possible key words based upon your thesis. Can you suggest any additional keywords for someone else?


Thesis Statement

It is found from the previous observations that those men and women who have higher salaries in executive positions tend to have greater impact than those with lower salaries.

List of possible keywords:

Executive positions


Impact of

Additional keywords:



Q. Perform a search in Google with the goal of getting 100 hits or less. Try using the topic above that will be used for the class project. Use the search techniques learned in lesson #3 and include at least one phrase and one special syntax.


"impact of executive ...
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