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International Research and Development Collaboration and Partnerships: Issues and Challenges

International Research and Development Collaboration and Partnerships: Issues and Challenges


In the process of economic development of the active use of telecommunications technology, it enables the transition to the so-called information society where information is becoming a major economic resource. Therefore, the active development of R&D Collaboration and Partnership in the telecommunication industry is now a prerequisite for economic progress. Today in most countries, telecommunications are developing at a faster pace relative to the economy as a whole, partly smoothes fluctuations in GDP and overtake the stage of final development of many countries.

There are numerous events that could grant additional momentum towards the industry of telecommunications across the globe and increases within general. Development of the international R&D Collaboration and Partnership events within the telecommunications industry is characterized via uneven geographically (Sophie 2010, pp. 110). Virtually everybody modern telecommunications facilities today can be grew, but their availability is greatly differentiated via regions.

The main problem of towards the telecommunication industry collaboration is protection of intellectual property (IP). Foreign, and in recent times, various companies are faced with the problem of counterfeiting of manufactured brands, trademarks and copyright violations. Pirate products are present in many markets of consumer products from audio, visual products to drugs and food.


Intellectual Property Right and Its Issues

Intellectual Property Rights have contributed in the promotion of rule of law and innovation. However, they have also widened the technological gap between the developed and developing countries in various industries especially in the Telecommunication Industry. At the recent various global leaders have stressed the importance of intellectual property rights, adding that it should maintain a delicate balance between encouraging innovation and access to technology, as lack of access to new technologies could be fatal.

In today's society, focusing more on knowledge, ideas have become a key factor in increasing resources and development. Their critical value gave rise to the concept of intellectual property, considered as "creations of the mind", such as inventions, literary and artistic works and the names and emblems used in trade.

R&D Collaboration and Partnerships Issues and Challenges

Regulation of telecommunications in recent years has altered in line with the modern realities. An important restriction towards the collaboration and partnerships challenges is the development and the adoption of the new Federal Laws on Telecommunications by various countries internationally. At the same time, there are many gaps in legislation, which must be filled (Robert 2003, pp. 5).

Today there is a essential want to bring ahead and endorse a regulatory surroundings that would endorse the financial endeavour and development of telecommunications in deducing nations principally, which in turn, will aid to lessen the scale of the digital pull apart and will advance the accessibility of technical knowledge for the bigger part of the inhabitants of the Earth.

There are new technologies that are changing habits of users too. One of the more interesting examples is viewed by Internet TV. In the present situation there is a gap that no one regulates Internet TV due to which in developing countries, the telecom regulations are institutionally consolidated. This translates into the strength of the ...
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