Issues In Quality And Safety

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Issues in Quality and Safety

Issues in Quality and Safety


The health sector, these days, has been facing many problems. Along with the increasing population, the health sector is also burdened with additional responsibilities of improving the quality of health, diagnosis services and hiring good medical practitioners.

The prevailing issue regarding the health care, as identified by the ANA is the quality of services provided at the nursing homes.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are the organizations or institutions that provide housing care (24 hours) for the people who need considerable help with routine activities (Kim 2005). They aim at making the people's lives better by providing them all the personal care services with respect to their health.

This essay will analyze the issue of nursing homes and will aim at solving its issues. The essay will also help to better understand the problem and, suggest solutions for it.


The major issue which comes under the hurdles faced by nursing homes includes training problems of their staff. Residents who are elderly and mentally infirm and are being cared for in nursing or residential homes often present staff with an 'active management problem': i.e. the staff finds it difficult to care for or cope up with their problems. Such residents may be confused and burdened because of their unaccomplished social and personal needs, have a range of physical disabilities or could be suffering from depression, aggressive or challenging behavior. Despite of this, the level of training for staff in nursing and residential homes remains limited.

Most of the assistance programs cost very little on our incomes and assets. Furthermore, if one owes a small house and sells it to a senior citizen, he would fall eligible for government support. And there are certain projects where the government assists people in paying the ...
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