Jackie Robinson

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The American baseball player who was regarded as the first Black men entered in the Major league baseball (MLB) was famously known as 'Jackie Robinson'. Jackie was born in January 1919 and died in October, 1972 at the age of 53 years.

He was the first Black American to enter in the Major League Baseball which is one of the modern Baseball leagues in the whole world. He played exceptionally well and broke the records in his first appearance, when played with Dodgers in 1947. It is not important that Robinson broke the previous records, in his first debut but the most important fact is that, he was the first Black man who act as an ambassador to end up the differences related to race, caste and color between the professional baseball League. Prior to this, black players were not admitted in the international level League games and they were bound to play in Negro leagues for past six decades.


Jackie went beyond the limits to seize the race culture in major Leagues. By this act of passion and bravery for their rights Jackie turned to be a hero of humanity. He became the ideal of different walks of life and people follow him as a road map to teach the subject of equality and equal opportunity to the whole world. His character and belief towards racism became the example of civil rights. It was a brave and courageous move to strengthen the power of civil rights and to minimize the level of difference in the hearts of other people. Jackie was not a politician nor a person who preaches lectures he set examples. Baseball was the platform which Jackie used to highlights the major issue of culture difference and racisms. Jackie highlights the issue of racism and spotted at the time when it was disturbing the societal norms.

After his whole hearted efforts the issue of racism continue to decline and is decreased to half at the end of twentieth century. It is the bravery, courage and consistent temperament of Jackie which makes him able to change the face of racisms in America. It is not only Jackie who faced these problem it is the Black color which is un-acceptable to the society. According to him, I just put a seed of change in the racist culture and now sooner or later most of us would water it, in order to make it a strong tree, which make the society a better place to live.

On the other hand, Robinson is the only one who has an exceptional carrier in the baseball. He was not only a player but a passionate player who doesn't only play the game in order to win it, the game but to challenge the game for him.

In addition to his cultural and racisms impact, Robinson had an exceptional baseball career. From the ten seasons he contributes his valuable share in six seasons of the world series. His contribution was regards as the winning score ...
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