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Jesus and the Gospels

Interpretation of the Teachings of Jesus Christ by the Jews


The teachings of Jesus Christ and the way He led life in this world are a example for the Christians top lead a peaceful and healthy life for Christians in the society. It is obvious that Jesus Christ is the center of faith and belief of Christianity. But, the image of Jesus Christ is not taken the same by the Jewish in Judaism. They believe that Jesus Christ existed in the world but they differ from some of the most important teachings of Jesus Christ that were taught by Him and are followed by Christians solidly. It is significant that the view of Judaism about Jesus Christ is quite different from that of Christianity. In Judaism, it is believed that the role of the Messiah is to bring in the Messianic age and it is a one-time event. It is also believed that the Messiah would be fulfilling all the Messianic prophecies that have been prophesied by the historic prophets (Irish, 2005, pp. 60). The core focus of this essay is to identify the Judaism's view of the teachings and miracles of Jesus Christ and demonstrate that the view of Judaism is quite different from view of Christianity about Jesus Christ.


It is obvious that the view of Judaism and Christianity about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ is quite different. Most importantly, Jesus Christ is believed to be the Son of God by Christians but this belief is not the same in the view of Judaism. The Judaism view is based in the concept that Jesus Christ existed at the time when the Second Temple was standing and not while the Jews were in exile. It is also believed by the Jews that Jesus Christ never reigned as King and there was no existence of a subsequent era of great knowledge and peace. It is also viewed in the Jewish view of Jesus Christ that none of the Messianic tasks prophesied in history were accomplished by Jesus Christ but He promised a second coming before departing from this world. These points and discrepancies which create major differences between the views of Christianity and Judaism were noted by Jewish scholars who were considered to be contemporaries of Jesus Christ (Brown, 2007, pp. 102). It was observed and researched by these scholars that Jesus Christ was rejected as the messiah by the rabbis present at that time, so this became a belief of the Jews about Jesus Christ. In addition to this, it is also significant from the Jewish beliefs that they view the claims of Christianity about Jesus Christ to be the Messiah based on the mistranslations and they believe that Jesus Christ was not able to fulfill the qualifications of the Jewish Messiah.

Jewish Beliefs of the Messiah

The beliefs of the Jews about viewing Jesus Christ as the Messiah are very different as compared to Christianity. It has been observed that a small sect of the ...
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