Jesus Is Lord

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Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord


Since the beginning of times, human beings have been using names and titles to describe various personalities and divine beings, with the titles being allotted according to the qualities and specifications. These titles gradually gain the status of identification of the personality or the divine being and are used to refer to the particular trait or quality of that person. Similarly, a number of titles are used to describe the qualities and characteristics of Jesus.

Name and Titles of Jesus

The two names, Jesus and Emmanuel are used in the New Testament and have the salvific attributions. The names come from the period when after the Crucifixion of Jesus, the church began preaching and understanding his message, which was ignored by it before. The message was proclaimed and understood all over again, along with a proper explanation and thus the proclaimer itself became the proclaimed. While understanding the message of Jesus and proclaiming it, a number of advancements took place, one of which is allocation of various titles to Him. Some of the titles were initially used by the early church, and were later adopted by the new testament, with some of them referring to the characteristics of Jesus himself while others pointing towards the mission and the value of His message.



The name Jesus holds special theological significance, and is considered more honorable and respectable as compared to the other titles attributed to Him. According to John, Jesus said that if someone asks anything from God in His name, his wish would be granted, and the Christians believe that the name Jesus also has some divine powers attached to it. It is not just a symbol to identify with the prophet, but it is a token of divinity that can be used for various means. It is also ...
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