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Justification and Rationale



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Justification and Rationale of the Clinical Project


Our clinical project is based on the adequate treatment, care and prevention of Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis also referred to as 'degenerative arthritis' is a chronic illness which results in degradation of joints in the human body. Millions of people are affected by Osteoarthritis each year. In Australia, more than a million people are affected by the degradation of joints and damages to the cartilage each year (Chagadama, 2011).

In this assignment, we would discuss the primary care, major issues in the treatment of Osteoarthritis and other essentials incorporated in our clinical project. Due to the complexities in the treatment of Osteoarthritis; emphasis must be paid to the training of the nurses. Our project would highlight the major issues in the treatment of the disease. The role played by nurses and the major principles involved.

The Context of Care

Our treatment program would incorporate all the essentials for adequately diagnosing and treating patients with Osteoarthritis. In our project, emphasis would be paid to the initial diagnosis and an identification of the severity of Osteoarthritis. The treatment would be based on the level of joint degradation in the patient. A thorough analysis of the patient's medical history in our program would allow doctors and nurses to develop treatment strategies best suited to the patient. Surgery includes all fundamentals in the scientific care of surgical patients. In our intended project, operation would be crucial point for the patients. We would make sure that the patient comes to the OR (operating room) when they are optimally prepared emotionally and physically prior to the performance of an operative process (Wilson, 2007). There are many people concerned with and contributing to the surgical patient care in my intended project where the practical nurse shares an extraordinary understanding with the patient at this period of stress, anxiety and need in his life. Their association includes behavior, attitudes and feelings (Wilson, 2007).

The Clinical Project

Our clinical project would allow an all around care against Osteoarthritis. The treatment of the patients would be categorized in groups i.e. low level of Osteoarthritis leading up to higher levels of degradation. Presence of thorough professionals i.e. nurses, doctors, psychologists, chiropractors would ensure that various elements associated with Osteoarthritis are dealt with accordingly.

Before the initiation of the project, the statistics on the disease were thoroughly analyzed and the prevalence of Osteoarthritis was also studied. It allowed us to incorporate essential features for the treatment and prevention of the disease. We realized in our treatment program that without inducing awareness and enhancing peoples' knowledge on Osteoarthritis; the program would be of no use. Hence, it was made sure that the treatment center also serves as an institute for enhancing relevant knowledge on Osteoarthritis and its distinct paradigms.

Adequately skilled and trained nursing staff would be employed at our treatment center. The primary objective of the surgical ward nurse is to promote ...
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