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Kennedy Women

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Kennedy Women


The Kennedy family's story is an unbounded, real-life series composition (Shorter, 2000). The drama, which varies from classic tragedy to squalid melodrama, comprised of dedication to commendable causes and showy self-destructive deeds, the book “The Kennedy Women: The Saga of an American Family” presents the uncut adaptation (Shorter, 2000). The author Laurence Leamer divides the triumphs, misfortunes, psychological traits and aspirations of the Kennedy daughters and wives dating back to the year 1849 (Shorter, 2000). What sets this book apart from numerous other Kennedy books is its exceptional focus and the affluence of its historic, cultural and social detail (Szasz, 2009). With five consecutive years of research, bestselling writer, social historian and journalist Laurence Leamer wrote this book, getting extraordinary assistance from the members of the Kennedy family, interviewing a number of close associates and relatives and also gaining way in to scores of personal documents (Szasz, 2009). Thus, this book unites his superb and exhaustive scholarship with a gripping story that will everlastingly change our perception of this royal family of America.


The Kennedy family has mesmerized the people of the United States since JFK was elected in the 1960s (Leamer, 1996). This is a political family that has pretended to be brave and has hidden their cracks and emotions to the world, though within their family was a failing as anybody else's as found in “The Kennedy Women: The Saga of an American Family” by Laurence Leamer (Szasz, 2009).

In the year 1849, a twenty-seven year old girl Bridget Murphy for the first time met Patrick Kennedy, a young farmer. Leamer in his book cites that meeting as the onset of the Kennedy dynasty. After only 5 months, Bridget and Patrick got married. After her husband's demise that is 9 years later, Bridget flourished with a small grocery store (Leamer, 1996).

Never there was a hint of feminism among the Kennedy family. The females simply became skillful at denial and at dissembling as the males in their lives yearned for money, power and other females. It took 5 age groups or generations earlier than they were capable to escape from a refugee culture. By discovering new materials and new sources and putting the well-known stories into a wider social background, Leamer offers a clearer if not for all times brighter image of what it stands for to be a Kennedy woman.

Rose is portrayed amazingly. The author has demonstrated a superficial view of a playful lady. Distinctive of the PR she acquired was a press release that educated the entire humanity that Rose Kennedy put on what she named “frownies” (Leamer, 1996) every day on her face to hold off the wrinkles. She was brought up by Josie, her mother who persisted that her daughter be self controlled, neat, have her life manageable always, be frugal, devout, & studious. If she fell short, her mother smacked her with the hanger of a coat. Rose was forced to liver her life as the Mayor Fitzgerald's daughter as if it ...
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