Latin American Immigrants And The U.S. Economy

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Latin American Immigrants and the U.S. Economy

Latin American Immigrants and the U.S. Economy


In United States, there is very rich history of the immigrations since the time of European colonization. There are a number of different communities and people from other countries who migrated to United States. These immigrations had major influence on the social, cultural, political and economic aspect. Most important aspects is that these immigrations resulted in various controversial viewpoints in different groups of people. One of the major reasons for the changes in the attitudes of Native Americans is because of the increase in the illegal immigrations in United States. The worst impact of this illegal immigration is the increase in population (Espenshade & Hempstead, 1996). This created problems for the Native Americans for their employment and other economic and social perspectives. This caused various controversies due to change in the ethnicity and racial problems which resulted in violence and hate crimes. This also imposed a major threat on the social security and safety and of Native Americans.

Majority of the immigrants in America consists of Mexican Immigrants, Indians, and immigrants from Philippines, and China. There are also a number of different perspectives associated with their settlement and traditional and cultural patterns, which is also resulted in the problems for the Native Americans to retain their identity in their own homeland. These controversies resulted in two different groups; one of the groups is against these immigrations and other groups favor these immigrations and consider it as a major source for the labor. This is the reason that there are two different aspects associated with the understanding of GDP on the basis of positive and negative economic perceptions associated with these immigrants. Immigration reforms are also intended to implement better policies for the illegal immigrations.

Thesis Statement

Illegal immigration is a major issue faced by the government and American people, affecting the United States' economy.


Effects of Illegal Immigration from Latin America to the United States Economy

Immigration from Latin America includes the largest number of immigrants who have migrated to the United States. There are millions of these people who have migrated to this country during twentieth century (Suárez-Orozco & Sommer, 2000, p. 4). According to the US census and data provided there have been 31million Latinos in America and these people constituents about 11.2% of the total population ( These includes most of the people from the Latin American countries which include Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Jamaica; Haiti, El Salvador, Colombia and Peru (Suárez-Orozco & Sommer, 2000, p. 3). The major concern associated with these immigrants is due to the illegal and Undocumented Immigrants, which created a major concern for the economy of United States. These illegal and undocumented immigrants, these people have nationality and birth of Latin American countries, but are migrated to the United States without legal permission or document to enter. Various measures and views about these immigrants are based on the immigration reform and policies by President ...
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