Literacy Coaching

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Literacy Coaching

Literacy Coaching


A literacy coach is a mentor providing professional development to another teacher. A literacy coach joins the teacher in the classroom, observes and develops teaching practices, which helps evaluate the strengths and needs of the student, and then works with the teacher to improve student learning. Literacy coaches work in educational institutes to develop a program to help students excel and achieve their goals. This job is a rewarding one and usually combines work with faculty and staff of an institution to implement strategies and ideas that help the students in reading and writing. There are many strategies which a literacy coach develops and then implements on the students in order to improve participation in learning.

A number of educational institutes are taking numerous steps to improve the education environment for students and to ensure their success. The duty of a literary manager is to promote change in literary activities to ensure student success and develop strategic ideas to help improve the skills of students. A literacy coach is also responsible for the development and improvement of teaching models and curriculum.


A literacy coach is a person hired by a school for the improvement of the student's ability to read and write. The responsibilities of a literacy coach involve planning of new trainings, develop contemporary teaching models and to provide teachers with sufficient feedback and suggestions in order to show them the room for improvement. The three major responsibility of a coach are education and leadership and evaluation (Lynne et.all, 2010).

Teaching qualifications

The major responsibility of a literacy coach is to give support to the teachers. The requirement of a teaching experience and qualification same as the coaching experience is necessary. A training record should be maintained with proof of the achievements and goals achieved by the students.

Knowledge, skills and competencies Knowledge, skills and competencies A well trained coach for literacy must posses a wide knowledge of the assessment, teaching, processes and general understanding regarding reading comprehension. Literacy coach must have lots of knowledge and should be able to guide other tutors on improving student's reading comprehension skills and achievement by comprehensive instructional proficiencies, materials and practices.

A good coach for literacy must be proficient in the reading development area and should be able to help teachers in planning lessons that highlight the requirements of the students. Another responsibility of literacy coach is that they must be able to ...
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