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Addressing the Challenges of Event Management

Addressing the Challenges of Event Management


The field of event management has emerged by leaps and bounds over the years. In today's environment, event management has taken the reins of being a professional field where meticulous planning and religious implementation is required for the successful staging of events. The event manager is generally the person involved in coordinating and monitoring the intricacies associated with the event (Bowdin, 2003).


The allocation of resources and budgetary constraints among other things constitute as being highly significant. Although event management is considered to be a separate and an event based field, the implications of other fields have a direct effect on the potential success of event management. For instance, there is a huge likelihood that inefficient strategic management would lead to chaos and represent a significant hurdle in the success of event management. In addition to strategic management, the roles of risk management and event legal compliance have to be looked at in a comprehensive manner. Although event operations and planning get the top most priority, these other factors apart from event management must be carefully analyzed in the planning process as these factors can significantly impact the implementation phase of event management (Acteva, 2011).

Key Issues

We would look to address the various event management challenges that occurred in the staging of bloc festival in the context of London pleasure gardens. It has been observed by studying the case study that the bloc festival event was plagued by a severe mismanagement of not only the personnel but also budgetary constraints. A culmination of mismanagement led to chaotic situation and the bloc festival was greatly affected. Furthermore, we would also recommend the alternative solutions that would significantly eliminate the scope of these challenges (Quinn, 2012).

This event was plagued by an enormous lack of communication and clarity in the managerial roles. With lack of communication and clarity in managerial roles to this extent, the people involved in the staging of event had no clear direction for successfully performing their duties. The bloc festival is a type of event that is organized a large scale and thus needs to be planned on a long term basis (Hancox, 2012).

With the massive demand of tickets, it had become certain that the planners involved in bloc festival had to plan and allocate the resources in an effective and a judicious manner. However, there was a lack of long term planning and there was a lack of appropriate preparation that had adverse consequences for the event. The nature of leadership employed had a huge role in the failure of the event as the supervisors were not clear in their instructions and thus their subordinates had to suffer in performing their duties. There was a clear lack of direction in the designing of duties and responsibilities. When duties and responsibilities are inappropriately designed, there is greater difficulty in successfully performing these duties and responsibilities (Hancox, 2012).

Another major reason for the failure of such ...
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