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Term Papers on Management

Every business requires efficient management to keep the company running without hurdles. If the management of a business is highly skilled, the business is bound to make progress. Currently all management schools have subjects that require students to submit term reports at semester end. These management term reports carry a good percentage of the overall subject score. Hence, Researchomatic’s target is to provide these students with a vast range of topics for review from the past literature.

Employee Performance
Employee Performance Employee Performance Introduction In the competitive environment of today, organizations are interested in finding out what is it that leads to a superior job performance. It has been found that employee performance and job satisfaction are directly related to each other. Employee performance is a function of employee satisfaction. The higher ...
Mail-In Term Paper
Mail-in Term Paper Mail-in Term Paper Introduction Obesity is a chronic disease caused by a number of reasons and complications. It is characterized by excess fat in the body and occurs when the body mass index in adults is more than 25 units. The causes leading to this disease are ...
Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Introduction Wal-Mart is the company of retail world's largest operating in 13 countries and has approximately 2.1 million employees worldwide. According to the ranking by the International Monetary Fund in 2007, compared the company's revenue to GDP of world economies that would be positioned in 27th place, in other words, Wal-Mart ...
Management Function
Management Function Management Function Introduction The perspective of organizational management is accomplished through the regulatory objectives of individuals and other resources. And a more detailed definition of the management it is also clear and the achievement of the Millennium by doing basic administrative functions (planning, organizing, direction, control). The purpose of personal education ...
Incentive Motivation Theory
INCENTIVE MOTIVATION THEORY Incentive Motivation Theory Incentive Motivation Theory Introduction Incentive motivation theory is a model of motivation which assumes that basic, physiological needs are produced by states of deprivation, that such needs produce drives that are the true instigators of action and that the action is directed toward the incentive ...
Fiction Corporation
FICTION CORPORATION Fiction Corporation Fiction Corporation Purpose To increase sales by extending e-commerce services online. Scope To advertise and recruit required computing professionals. To analyze and document the specifications for the required functionality. To acquire the needed hardware and software as part of IT infrastructure facilities. To design, implement, test and operate the entire ...
Project Management
Project Management Project Management Initiating the Project This paper explores the concept of project management in a holistic context.the project is about upgrading the Fiction Corporation network and correct any security flaws in its infrastructure as part of this move. The company wishes a seamless migration that minimizes impact to its customers ...
Lean Manufacturing
LEAN MANUFACTURING Lean Manufacturing Lean Manufacturing Introduction Although the terms “lean production” and “lean manufacturing” have only been in circulation since the publication of The Machine That Changed the World in 1990, the concepts and practices have a much longer history. Indeed, the core idea of lining production steps in process sequence ...
Accountability Of Personnel At An Emergency Incident
Accountability of Personnel at an Emergency Incident Table of Contents Introduction3 Discussion3 Conclusion8 References10 Accountability of Personnel at an Emergency incident Introduction The paper discusses the accountability of personnel in the situation of crisis or emergency. The responsibilities and duties of the managers in crisis management is also the part of the discussion. Management of emergency situations will ...
BURNOUT Human Service Worker Burnout Human Service Worker Burnout Introduction The ideal situation for everyone is to live a life that is free from all sorts of tensions and stresses. A life in which, a person may acquire everything and every objective, without being too hard on him or herself. However, as earlier said, ...
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