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Thesis on Management

Management students in many business schools are required to make a thesis at the end of their graduation. Some management schools even have dedicated semesters only for their research thesis. The Researchomatic online library serves these management students with a gigantic collection of thesis topics for inspiration and review of the past literature. These researches are very effective in helping the students with each step of their thesis.

Mobile Marketing: An Emerging Marketing Opportunity For Entrepreneurs
Mobile marketing: An Emerging Marketing Opportunity for Entrepreneurs By ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am most thankful to my family colleagues and instructor for providing me assistance and guidance throughout the tenure of this research project. This research would not have been completed without their undue support. DECLARATION I declare that this study has not been published ...
When Cultures Clash: leading Organizational Change Across Cultural Borders
When Cultures Clash: Leading Organizational Change across Cultural Borders By TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION1 Background1 Research Questions3 SECTION 2: LITERATURE REVIEW5 Organizational Change5 Culture6 SECTION 3: METHODOLOGY11 Research Method11 Data Collection12 REFERENCES13 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION Background Organizations are open social systems that constantly change due to complex internal and external factors. The rapid pace of technological innovation, the emergence of a global society, ...
Real Estate Property Management
Real Estate Property Management By TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION1 1.1 Background of the topic1 1.2 Problem Statement1 1.3 Research Questions1 1.4 Significance of the Study2 CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW3 2.1 Overview of the Real Estate Property Management3 2.2 Traditional Function of Real Estate Management4 CHAPTER 3: METHODOLOGY5 3.1 Overview of the Research Methods5 3.2 Sampling Size5 3.3 Instruments for ...
Organizational Development And Change
Organizational Development and Change By ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It gives me great pleasure to express my gratitude towards my professor who has also been my mentor. My professor has always been a source of confidence for me. Here I also want to express my gratitude towards my mother and my father who have always shown ...
Examining And Rectifying The Factors Causing A Possible Supply Chain Management Failure
Examining and Rectifying the Factors causing a possible Supply Chain Management Failure by Executive Summary The research is focused on identifying the factors that lead towards the failure of supply chain management. Supply chain management involves all the practices starting from the procurement of raw material, till the delivery of the final product ...
Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of A Parole System In Assisting With The Reintegration Of Ex-Offenders Into The Society Later (Recidivism) by
Analysis of the Effectiveness of a Parole System in Assisting With the Reintegration of Ex-Offenders into the Society Later (Recidivism) By For [Title of Degree/Class] Park University [Month and Year] [This Page Has Been Intentionally Left Blank] ABSTRACT Ex-offenders face many problems that affect their ability to become law-abiding citizens, once they have served in prisons ...
The Role Of Strategic Communication In Countering Economic Plunge Disaster
The Role of Strategic Communication in Countering Economic Plunge Disaster By TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION1 Outline of the Study1 Background1 Problem Statement3 Research Aim3 Research Objective4 Research Question4 Hypothesis4 Theoretical framework5 CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW7 Communication and Economy7 Strategic Communication and its Variables8 Composition of the Strategic Communication and the Economic Disaster9 Economic Condition of the UAE10 Economic Condition of Malaysia11 Effects of Strategic Communication on ...
Volkswagen In India
VOLKSWAGEN IN INDIA Volkswagen in India Volkswagen in India Introduction The aim of the paper is to focus on one multinational company targeting one of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). For this purpose, a German multinational company is chosen, Volkswagen entering the Indian automobile market. Volkswagen was one of the multinational ...
Factors Affecting Change Management Efficiency In Higher Educational Institutions Of Uk
Factors affecting Change Management efficiency in Higher Educational Institutions of UK By ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am very grateful to God who has given me the grace to start this course and end it successfully. I would like to thank my family, who worked really hard and stood by me all the ...
Were Military Transition Teams Successful In Developing Competent Iraqi Leaders?
Were Military Transition Teams successful in developing competent Iraqi Leaders? By ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I would first like to express my gratitude for my research supervisor, colleagues, friends and family whose immense and constant support has been a source of continuous guidance and inspiration. DECLARATION I [type your full first names & surname here], declare that the ...
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