Managing Healthcare Organization To Promote Organizational Effectiveness

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Managing healthcare organization to promote organizational effectiveness

Managing healthcare organization to promote organizational effectiveness

Managing healthcare organization to promote organizational effectiveness


In order to promote organizational effectiveness, in a health care institution, a frame work is required to assess report and improve the quality of work environment in health care organization. One was is the healthy work environments it not only contributes to positive outcomes for employees and physicians, but it also reduces the operating costs and improvises higher quality of patient care. In this article, we will discuss how the management of a health care organization can create frameworks for improving organizational effectiveness through healthy work environments, strategic planning and technology implementation in health care organization.


Over the years, many studies have shown that healthy work environments contribute to positive experiences amongst the physicians and employees. The healthy work environment improves the quality in the form of workplace changes and standards of the healthcare system, which enforces organizations to improve in having higher levels of performance.

Healthy work environments can be compared through tools which are measurable in health research and have moved beyond the individual workers health outcomes related to job performance. A strong organization is defined which promotes, culture, climate and environment practices. In an effective healthcare organization, work environment itself contributes to the positive outcome of organization. Where workers deliver a higher-quality care and one in which patient's health and workers' health are together supported. (Mary K. (2009).

By implementing the health and wellness policies of employees the employer will save money in health care costs, will hire more personnel who are not covering for the absent personnel who are sick, also the business will be more productive and have a stronger workforce. By implementing this type of policies, it can also provide the business with more profit. (Mary K. (2009).

Processes for Effective Organization

Institutions from health care perspective showing positive work environments are able to exceed the performance in terms of patient outcomes, retention and staff recruitment. Amongst the major issued facing health care workers is the work scheduling the pace of work and the workload. Factors that are associated with negative outcomes include lack of decision making and control over work. When there is fairness in organization employees are more productive at work, so process for effective organization should be improving on quality workforce and promote a strong organizational culture and climate within an organization. (Fisher ES 2010).

Impact on performance due to work environment.

Organizational factors, which pose risks, have an impact on organizational performance and on workers health and the work environment. This leads to less productivity, more healthcare costs, accidents, lost productivity and higher turnover. A recent research was conducted by Ontario hospital association, and it was found that positive relationships at work were related to increased satisfaction at work Programs at injury reduction, and supporting employee's wellness and health care, it has an impact on overall performance of health system. (Fisher ES 2010).

Whereas research on nurses tells us that environmental factors are major contributors to job satisfaction, ...
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