Managing Quality In Health And Social Care

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Managing Quality in Health and Social Care

Managing Quality in Health and Social Care


Health and social care is the measure concern for the State and Government of any country. It is most important responsibility of the state to provide all the basic facilities regarding health and other social service like education, security and safety of public rights and other social concern related to social care. It is not enough that government should provide these basic services for the community but to manage its quality is also one of the major concerns of the states. Quality management in health and social care services is the most important task after providing these facilities. According to a report by Department of Health, social Services and Public safety, the proper standards of quality management were properly formulated and launched on 14th march 2006 to maintain the Quality Standards for the whole community. These Standards were formally launched by Health Minster, Shaun Woodward. Need to implement these duties and management of quality in human rights and equality and to provide all the citizens to have better quality of these services as the basic opportunity and their rights to have better quality of health and social services(Shaw & Kalo, 2002). To keep proper management of these services and to avoid any malpractices and neglect, it is essential to maintain and ensure proper assessment of the quality of these health and social services. The Health and Personal Social Services Order 2003 provides the “Statutory duty of quality” which is implied on the government bodies like HSC board and Trust. It also maintained that all the other organization whether government and non government are required to maintain these quality standards.


Maintenance of Health and Social care services is a very complex task that requires various organizations and workers to maintain and follow the rules formulated under quality Standards of Health and Social Care Order. Apart from this it is also an important fact to notice that despite all these organizations and workers are to abide the rules even than quality management in health care is a very sensitive issue that it requires close monitoring and proper assessment. It is the duty of government officials, commissioners, service providers as well as service users to avoid these complexities and to ensure better means to have health care facilities. It requires proper steps and concerns to manage quality (Leatherman & Sutherland, 2003). These consist of following five main steps to be taken which consist of corporate leadership and accountability of organizations, safe and effective health and social care. It also involves promotion, protection and improvement of these services. It also involves effective communication, information and flexible services. It also ensures proper accessibility of health and social well being. There is an independent Regulation and improvement authority (RQIA) that works for the inspection and regulation of health and social care services provided by the HSC and other social services.

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