Manage Personal Work Priorities And Professional Development

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Manage personal work priorities and professional development

Manage personal work priorities and professional development


Managing personal work priorities and developing professionalism at work place is very significant part of management. This needs strong analytical and verbal skills for an individual to manage his or her work priorities and professional development. This report is divided into two tasks. In first task, I will be discussing about the establishment of personal work goals, setting and meeting out the work priorities and last part will discuss about the development and maintaining the professional competencies. The task 2 will develop a professional development plan with career objectives and action plan.

Task 1

Job Description

A job description is described as the set of purposes and responsibilities for any particular job. It set out the goals and tasks needed for the accomplishment of the job. It contains the information about the job that where it fits in the structure of organization, what are the main responsibilities and accountabilities for certain job and what are the key task needs to be performed. I have chosen a job description of Sales and Marketing Executive, with main purpose and responsibility for me includes; managing the sales and marketing activities of the company, and to plan out efficient activities in order to have maximum achievement of sales target for the company.

Establishment of Personal goals

A goal setting is extremely important and influential process for planning of work of an individual. By setting goals, it helps an individual to reach and attain their desire outcomes, and move ahead for further attainments of the goals. As my job responsibilities are mentioned in my job description, I have to set some personal goals so that I can perform efficiently for achieving my goals. The personal goals that I have set are the long term or life time goals which are the aims and objectives for what I have to achieve in my life. Secondly, I have broken down this long term goals into various smaller target to hit down to achieve my life time goals. Lastly, I will be working for achievement of those goals, which are planned and defined earlier.

Effective Goals setting

The goals that are set should be attained as the positive statement. The goals that I have set are expressed positively so that I can achieve them in particular time frame.

The goals that I have set are precise, and they are structurally formed with times and amounts. So I can measure the achievement of goals on any time frame. This helps me out to know exactly what I have achieved, and what my futures goals are to be achieved.

I have set priorities for achieving my goals, because prioritizing the goals helps me to know what the important goals are for me to achieve.

I have set the goals on the basis of performance and not on the basis of outcome. I just want to perform my best to achieve the goals and not worrying about the ...
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