Marketing Discipline And Critical Thinking

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Marketing Discipline and Critical Thinking


Critical thinking and Marketing

Critical thinking can be defined as a process that is disciplined at the intellectual level, and consist of skillfully and actively conceiving, analyzing, applying, combining, and assessing the information that has been gathered through means, which can include experience, observation, reasoning, reflection, etc. Critical thinking in marketing are more or less the same thing, as it involves the process of analyzing different strategies and different things that play in the decision making process. In its consummate form, the concept of critical thinking in marketing has been derived from the intellectual values, which have the potential to affect the business in one way or the other, like the strategy for launching a product in the market, product promotion campaigns, the pricing of the product, etc. Critical thinking in marketing involves the analysis of the elements of believe, which are unquestioned in all forms of reasoning for making any decision. This includes the purpose of a strategy, the problem behind a scenario, the assumptions underlying a strategy; the concepts behind it; pragmatic reasons for a step; the reasoning in the process helps a marketer to develop conclusions and formulate a strategy. The marketer also studies the implications of a particular strategy, and its consequences; he also analyzes the objections from a different point of views; and different frames of reference. (Brookfield 2000)

Impact of critical thinking on communication and problem solving skills

The process of critical thinking is a type of cognitive process. When a person communicates with someone else, whether in written form or orally, he/she usually takes information from more than one sense and then understands the message with the help of the clues that he is picking from the environment. However, when a person would utilize the tool of critical thinking in his communication whether in oral or written form,, he will start gathering information by using all his senses, the reflection of the environment, etc. This would enable that person to understand the whole situation in a better way, and think critically about the process of communication, and would deliver the message in a better way. The strength of good and powerful communication skills is determined by the level o understanding of the persons involved in the process of communication. The critical thinking process would improve the level of understanding of the person and would help him communicate in a better way. (Ennis 2003)

Critical Thinking and Problem solving skills

The brain, which we human's posses, has been recognized as the one of the most strong data processing machine in the universe, however, regrettably; a small number of people ever completely utilize their brain power to solve any problems in their lives.  The tool of critical thinking is the most crucial key to developing the skills of problem solving.

According to Napoleon Hill, every accomplishment starts with a basic concept, and concepts and ideas are the production of the process of critical ...
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