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Research Papers on Marketing

No doubt, marketing is an interesting field. It includes activities and strategies to make products and services that will satisfy customers while making profits for the company. Students often find difficulty in writing marketing research papers. Therefore, Researchomatic is offering a wide range of marketing research papers for you. It will help you in writing your marketing research papers.

Qualitative And Quantitative Research
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Qualitative And Quantitative Research Introduction Qualitative and quantitative research methods primarily differ on the basis of analytical objectives of the proposed research. Hence both of these research strategies also differ as per the types of questions they pose, the instruments that are used for the data collection purpose, ...
SPONSORSHIP Brand recognition and brand association for sponsoring athletes. Brand recognition and brand association for sponsoring athletes. As the rivalry amid the businesses is growing powerful, more businesses are making endeavours to unveil approaches for enhancing their brands image, and inducing the customers to purchase their products or services. Sponsorship of sports ...
Comparison Between Ocean Strategies
COMPARISON BETWEEN OCEAN STRATEGIES Comparison Between Ocean Strategies [Name of the Instituion] Abstract This paper aims to justify the arguments made concerning to different ocean strategies with regard to the marketing environment. In this paper the theories and articles of Kim & Mauborgne are highlighted in order to shed light on the specifications of ...
Concentration (Marketing)
Question 3: Concentration (Marketing) [Date of Submission] Question 3: Concentration (Marketing) Major Current Trends that Shape External Environment Consumer behavioral studies have grown and evolved, including an increasing number of epistemologies and theoretical perspectives as well as an increase in abstract and scope. Thus from a literary perspective, consumer studies and customer relationship management ...
Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility Abstract The purpose of this paper is to examine the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its significance for Non-Profitable Organization (NPO) during economic downturn when government support significantly reduces for societal programs. This study undertakes a case of Emssanar - a health care insurance provides in the ...
The Impact Of Loyalty Programs On Convenience Store Customer Shopping Behavior
The Impact of Loyalty Programs on Convenience Store Customer Shopping Behavior Introduction3 Research Problem4 Research Question5 Research Hypotheses5 Problem Background6 Purpose of the study7 Significance of the Study7 Literature Review8 Theoretical and Conceptual Framework8 Independent Variables10 Dependent Variables11 Methodology15 Comparison of Research Methods15 Advantages and Disadvantages of Quantitative Research Methods15 Research Method and Design16 Population and Samples16 Instrumentation18 Validity and Reliability18 Organization of Literature Review19 Analysis20 Conclusion20 References22 The Impact of Loyalty Programs ...
Democratic Education And Administration
Democratic Education and Administration Abstract. In any society education is assumed to be a basic welfare pillar. The society ,culture and politics of a country greatly influence education in schools. On the other hand the education also influences the society. Therefore in order to turn in a well developed society it is ...
Understanding The Concep8t Of Human Resource Management (Staffing & Training)
Understanding the Concep8t of Human Resource Management (Staffing & Training) Understanding the Concept of Human Resource Management (Staffing & Training) Introduction To run an organization successfully, it is essential to manage the employees properly. Assigning the right staff in the correct department and then train them is very important, so that the transaction ...
Staffing And Training
Staffing and Training Staffing and Training Introduction The effective use of human resource in any company is one of the major areas of its human Resource Management function. Since humans are the most important asset of any firm, quality firm always attempt to refine the skills and abilities of its employees. One ...
Understanding The Concept Of Staffing & Training
Understanding the Concept of Staffing & Training Understanding the Concept of Staffing & Training Introduction Value and significance of staffing & training has long been recognized by organizations. It says that is you teach a person one time, that teaching will remain with him lifetime. In today's rapidly advancing and changing ...
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