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Assignment on Mathematics

Mathematics is discipline of science that is involved in everything around us. It has now become a significant part of education and many people are getting educated in this field. People during their education prepare assignments on Mathematics. In order to get good ideas about Mathematics assignments, people can easily get help from wide range of assignments available in this section of Researchomatic.

Relationship Between Slope And Angle
Relationship between Slope and Angle [Name of the Institute] Slope and Angel Slope of a Straight Line Let l is a straight line joining two points P1(x1, y1) and P2(x2, y2). The slope of l is given by (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1)... (1) Thus, slope of a straight line is the ratio of the ...
Techniques For Solving Linear Equations And Linear Inequalities Are Similar
Techniques for solving linear equations and linear inequalities are similar Techniques for solving linear equations and linear inequalities are similar Introduction In mathematics, linear equations involve a particular variables and in one equation for which the exact value of unknown variable should be found out. There are various methods to solve the ...
LINEAR Linear System of Equations Linear System of Equations Available Data Price Cell phone A4 = $ 35.00 (X numbers) Price Smartphone Z20 = $ 50.00 (Y numbers) Total sales in Volume = 51 Total Sales in Amount = $ 2,200 Linear Equation X + Y = 51……… Equation (1) 35X + 50Y = 2220 ………. Equation (2) Solution (Linear Equation) Multiply ...
Mean Sat Math Score For The Students 500?
MEAN SAT MATH SCORE FOR THE STUDENTS 500? Is the mean SAT math score for the students of MY school 500? Is the mean SAT math score for the students of MY school 500? Introduction The following test is prepared on the students of MY School. The students of the years 2009 - ...
BIOSTATICS Biostatics Biostatistics Problems Chapter 9 Problems 9.4 We use a paired t test, where di = (HgbA1c before - HgbA1c 3 months after) for the ith subject and d = -0.075, sd= 0.821, n = 8. We have the test statistic Since t 7.975 = >/t/, we accept H0 at ...
Exponential Modeling And Logarithmic Modeling
EXPONENTIAL MODELING AND LOGARITHMIC MODELING Exponential Modeling and Logarithmic Modeling Exponential Modeling and Logarithmic Modeling Exponential Modeling Question 1 During the 1980s the population of a certain city went from 100,000 to 205,000. Populations by Year are listed in the table below. Year 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 Population in thousands 100 108 117 127 138 149 162 175 190 205 This data is approximated well by the exponential growth model ...
Quadratic Equations
Quadratic Equations Quadratic Equations Question 1 Any equation of the sort Ax2 + Bx + C = 0, which has a degree of 2 is called a Quadratic Equation. There are numerous methods of solving a quadratic equation. The most commonly used methods are; Factorization, Completing the squares method, Using quadratic formula and ...
Applied Mathematics
Applied Mathematics Applied Mathematics Question 1 = [(1)4 - (1)2 + 3(1)] - [(0)4 - (0)2 + 3(0)] = 3 Question 2 The function that represents the total resale value = 250000 - (3800t - 38000) The price of the commodity after 3 years will be Cost - Depreciation i.e. 250000 - 3800(3) ...
ASSIGNMENT Quantitative Methods Quantitative Methods Introduction Probability is the branch of pure mathematics which corresponds to statistics in applied mathematics. It began as the study of chance, and especially of games of chance, in 16th century France with Blaise Pascal (1623 - 1662), who was paid by a nobleman to find out ...
Quantitative Reasoning
QUANTITATIVE REASONING QUANTITATIVE REASONING Sets Set theory is a branch of mathematics that studies the properties of sets. Sets are abstract collections of objects, considered as objects in them, and are a basic tool in the formulation of any mathematical theory. Moreover, the set theory is rich enough to build the rest of ...
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