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Research Papers on Nursing

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Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Practitioner Nurse Practitioner knowledge management, prevention & treatment of CVD and Hypertension in the community Nurse Practitioner knowledge management, prevention & treatment of CVD and Hypertension in the community Background Nurses practitioners have wide range of responsibilities concerning the type of disease and load of work. Nurses always involve in ...
Reflection Reflection Introduction During my childhood and teenage years, there was nothing more I wanted than to be either a pilot or a firefighter. However, according to my academic reports and my school counselor, I had the 'aptitude' to go into medicine which bowing down to pressure I finally did. My family was ...
Framingham Assessment Tool
Framingham Assessment Tool Framingham Assessment Tool Introduction Framingham assessment tool is considered as a very common approach that is used for the assessment of cardiovascular risk in an individual. There are a number of studies that have focused on the importance of Framingham assessment tool in the clinical settings (Barrett, et al, 2012). ...
Advocate: The Role Of The Nurse
Advocate: The Role of the Nurse Advocate: The Role of the Nurse Introduction Health and nursing, as a profession, comprises of the self dependent care and support, alone or in collaboration with other professionals, from and for people of all ages, families and communities, as well as groups and social communities whether sick or well, ...
Drug Use And Crime In New Orleans
Drug use and crime in New Orleans [Name of instructor] [Date of submission] Drug use and crime in New Orleans Madeleine Prevost a 16-year old girl was hard at her work in an art project of high school. She did not share the project since she herself along with the project was a work ...
Nursing Research In Pediatrics
Nursing Research in Pediatrics Nursing Research in Pediatrics Introduction Pediatrics is a specific division of medicine that explores the psycho-motor growth and customary physiology of the child, and the entire pathology that is associated (diseases of childhood). The kid is described in rule as every focus below the age of 18 years. The ...
Soft Skills In Nursing
Soft Skills in Nursing Soft Skills in Nursing Introduction Soft skills are own attributes of an individual that develop the interaction of a person, performance in his job and outlooks of his occupation. Contrasting hard dexterities, which are on the subject of the sets of skills and capability of an individual to ...
Nursing Theories
Nursing Theories Nursing Theories Introduction Nursing is a science that dates from ancient times, for example, in the prehistoric era of primary care were provided by the tribal medicine man or simultaneously performed by its members. These precautions were passed from one generation to another with a repetitive nature of their actions ...
Healthcare Reform
HEALTHCARE REFORM Obama's Healthcare Reform Obama's Healthcare Reform Introduction It has not been an easy task for President Barrack Obama to pass the healthcare reform bill. It is well understood by him and the average people of America that this is a narrowed victory. President Obama took difficult measures in order to modify and ...
Nursing Plan And Concept Mapping
Nursing Plan and Concept Mapping Nursing Plan and Concept Mapping Introduction Critical thinking is currently a highly valued outcome in terms of education and especially in relation to higher and professional studies. Nursing education is gaining popularity around the world and they need to construct critical thinking in order to achieve desirable outcomes. ...
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