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Research Papers on Nursing

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How Will The New Health Care Bill (Obama Care) Affect The Practice Of Nursing?
How will the new health care bill (Obama Care) affect the practice of nursing? Outline Abstract3 Effects on Nursing Practitioners3 Programs for Promotion of Nursing4 Future Challenges for the Nursing Practitioners6 Conclusion7 References8 How will the new health care bill (Obama Care) affect the practice of nursing? Abstract The congress passed the President Obama health care plan known ...
Elderly Care In The Usa
Elderly Care in the USA Abstract Nursing homes are extended care providing facilities for the elderly people. These facilities provide standardized care and quality of life to the residents in the USA. However, there are some reports of neglect and abuse of residents in nursing homes. Table of Contents Introduction3 Discussion4 Statistics4 Care in nursing homes4 Care ...
Critique Of Research Paper
Critique Of Research Paper Critique Of Research Paper Introduction This research paper documents a scholastic quantitative and qualitative analysis of the following research articles: Defining Patient-Perceived Quality of Nursing Care by June H. Larrabee and Lois V. Bolden Variations in Patients ' and Adherence to Medical Recommendations: a Quantitative Review of 50 Years ...
Research Article Critique
Research Article Critique Research Article Critique Introduction Postpartum depression, also commonly known as postnatal depression is a type of depression that mainly affects women usually after she gives birth to a child. The depression can also affect men but less frequently than women. Studies in clinical psychology found estimate that 5 percent to ...
Oral Care For Older Patients With Dementia
Oral Care for Older patients with Dementia Oral Care for Older patients with Dementia Introduction Dementia causes the cognitive functions to progressively degenerate among the patients. Among the older patients of this disease, common behaviors are: suspiciousness, resistance to care givers and sundowning become persistent. These patients suffer from anxiety and are in ...
Nursing [Date of Submission] Nursing Introduction The differences in cultures are exceptionally important for the elderly Afro-Caribbean's because even now on many of them are acculturating, migrating and assimilating in the U.S. A lot of the members of this cultural segment have the potential or the expectancy to develop mental illnesses. In spite ...
Importance Of Bsn In Nursing
Importance of BSN in nursing Abstract The world is experiencing a period of change, affecting the structure, culture and work processes, causing people to seek ways to adapt and add new values ??to meet the social demands of the market. One of the challenges for health services is the adoption of measures ...
Nurse Practitioner
NURSE PRACTITIONER Advanced Nurse Practitioner Advanced Nurse Practitioner Introduction In 1998 the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) sharp out that sophisticated practice roles in nursing was essential in master's education. The worldwide doctor Practitioner/Advanced perform Nursing mesh (2004) has suggested that an ANP should be educated to master's degree. Therefore, I am ...
Foster Care
FOSTER CARE FOSTER CARE Foster Care Introduction  Foster care is the temporary family substitute for children whose parents cannot or will not provide an adequate home situation. Foster care is to promote continuously the social, developmental and emotional growth of children, who are sufferer of family disruption; children are sometimes removes from their homes ...
Nursing And Mdg 6
Nursing and MDG 6 Abstract This research paper aims to discuss the sixth Millennium Development Goals (MDG) presented by United Nations - combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases. The paper briefly discusses the goal, the importance of the goal for the United States, strategies in place to achieve the goal, organizations which ...
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