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Thesis on Medical School

The presentation of a medical school thesis is the primary requirement for all Medicine degrees. Earlier, case reports and reviews of literature prevailed, but as the scientific method found its place in medicine, the faculty has required that medical school thesis should be presented based on original investigation either in the laboratory or in the clinic.  Researchomatic’s database holds original medical school thesis’s on thousands of topics such as Dentistry, Surgery, Nursing and many more.

Is The Continuity Between The Actions Of The First Responders And Emergency Medical Technician (Emt) Personnel Positively Or Negatively Impacting Patients Recovering From Heart Attack?
Is the Continuity between the Actions of the First Responders and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Personnel Positively Or Negatively Impacting Patients Recovering from Heart Attack? By ABSTRACT The study is about the actions of the first responders and emergency medical technician (EMT) personnel positively or negatively impacting patients recovering from heart attack. The ...
Preparation And Characterization Of A Hydrogel Containing Anti-Vegf (Bevacizumab) Liposomes To Prevent Bone Tissue Repair At Injured Growth Plates.
Preparation and characterization of a hydrogel containing anti-VEGF (bevacizumab) liposomes to prevent bone tissue repair at injured growth plates. By ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I, (Name) wish to proclaim that all contents of this work / memory stand in my own work without any support, and this thesis / dissertation has been no research ...
Immediate Dental Implant Placement
Immediate dental implant placement By Abstract Implantation used since the decade of 1960 has been modified in the recent years to enhance the quality of treatment and patient's life style. Since there were some limitations with the use of implantation, novel techniques has been developed and immediate loading is precisely addressed in the ...
Altering Skeptical Behaviors Of Nursing Staff: A Change Management Program For Modern, Integrated Healthcare Systems
Altering skeptical behaviors of nursing staff: A change management program for modern, integrated healthcare systems By [Name of the Author] [Department/College Name] [Name of the Institution/University] [Date of Submission] TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 01: INTRODUCTION1 Background of the Research1 Problem Statement1 Research Aim1 Research Objectives2 Research Questions2 Significance of the Study3 Limitations of the Research3 CHAPTER 02: LITERATURE REVIEW4 Importance of Nursing4 Nursing Behaviors4 Treatment Quality and Managing ...
The Effects Of Teen Mothers In Foster Care And The Challenges They Have To Prepare For Their Future Compare To Non-Teen Mothers In Foster Care
The effects of teen mothers in foster care and the challenges they have to prepare for their future compare to non-teen mothers in foster care Thesis Proposal Research Questions Our research objectives associated with the research question shall be: What are the issues and challenges experienced by teen mothers in foster care? Foster Care ...
“cms Never Events”
“CMS NEVER EVENTS” Thesis Statement Despite their stated purpose of upholding safety and promoting improvement of quality patient care, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid CMS “Never” events has adopted unfair principles of reimbursement that pose great difficulties for the health providers. Firstly, it has not considered the unpreventable and unforeseeable nature ...
Support Vector Machine (Svm) In Lung Cancer Detection Using X-Ray
Support vector machine (SVM) in lung cancer detection using X-ray By ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This dissertation is an opportunity for me to extend my regards to my research supervisor, my beloved friends, and my family for their untiring support that they furnished throughout my research. I am grateful to them for their belief in me ...
Optimum Model Based Scheduling Of Radiotherapy For Avascular Solid Homogenous Tumour
Optimum Model Based Scheduling of Radiotherapy for Avascular Solid Homogenous Tumour by Acknowledgement I would take this opportunity to thank my research supervisor, family and friends for their support and guidance without which this research would not have been possible. DECLARATION I, [type your full first names and surname here], declare that the contents of ...
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