Method 2

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Method 2

Method 2


The historical development of language teaching can certainly be perceived in the sequence of methods. To those established in the school curriculum so called modern languages ??(English and French), first the methods of teaching have been transferred to the ancient languages ??(Greek and Latin). With the changing demands on the teaching of foreign languages, the "living language" to teach so that they both written and oral can also be used outside of school assignments, and walked to convert the methods. They took and often take on what has been perhaps neglected by the methods gone before and / or received and are tailored to current needs of society. In addition, they take into account and considered newer and latest results of various related disciplines.


The method audio-visual/audio-lingual peaked in the sixties. They partly based on the audio-visual-structure-global method, which was developed in St. Cloud, France, and structuralist and behaviorist approaches and American research. Is oriented to everyday situations, language is presented in dialogs. They are designed for the classroom, provide the respective grammatical phenomena and the corresponding (generally small) vocabulary represent grammatical rules are not connected. The language instruction is accompanied visually (pictures, slides, film strips) and support. The speech patterns are embedded in situations in speaking exercises (pattern practice) ingrained in the language using tape of exercises. Language teaching methodology is the subject of scientific teaching and learning of foreign languages ??in educational institutions or in private lessons (Barker, 2001).

As a theory of classroom practice, it reflects the interaction of institutional, personal and professional characteristics of the content- language teaching and derives reasoned proposals and recommendations for the goals and the design of appropriate teaching arrangements. The necessary equipment (slide projector, filmstrip projector, tape recorder and/or language) and the often very rigid guidelines for the methodology in the classroom teachers have little or no margin to own learning group collusion. This contributes to the more or less open opposition to the method, which is often referred to as parrots method.

The cognitive approach is often mistakenly compared with the grammar-translation method, or even equated. Basically, this approach does not own method, but only the linguistic, (learning) psychological study of language acquisition in both the initial and the target language (s) used for the further development of language teaching methodology are many suggestions (Harmer, 2001).

More recently (since about the mid-eighties), the intercultural approach brings back stronger again the cognitive and learning the basic skills of reading and writing in the foreign language. The reading as hearing and understanding the mediation of strategies play a significant role. Fictional texts often serve both as the basis of speech - it is to be talking about something and with partners - as well as suggestions for thematic comparison with texts, situations and behaviors in the source area. In this way, similarities and differences can be found, and for a better understanding of the other, of his thoughts, our actions and the accompanying verbal expression lead. This also explains the increased labor supply ...
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