Myths And Narratives

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Myths and Narratives

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Myths and Narratives


Myths are referred to as stories that tell about origin of human, while humans consider myth as attitudes which have spiritual source of inspirations. Some people consider myth as a unique cultural characteristic of particular community in terms of contemporary, alive, ancient or dead literature. On the basis of Greek literature, mythos was modified to myth, which is defined as the word or story that explains the reason of existence of humans in the present from. Although, myths have board meanings, but is mostly connected to the traditional stories have shared the distinct uniqueness as compared to the other oral narratives. The oral narratives are defined as stories that present the current trials in different categories like faction, nonfiction, myths and legends. Since, the myths and narratives are mostly sharing mythology and folktales (, 2013).

Thesis Statement

“Myths will forever admired and essential element of culture. These narratives help natives in terms of explaining their beginning and create wisdom of the world in which they live”.


Myths and Society

Myths and narratives are part of every society and when the printing press and internet and other methods of technologies and communications modes were not available, at that time people used to document their words all the way through storytelling and by means of oral tradition. With respect to these activities, the most important part of the process was related to the creation of mythology, collections of stories and information that were built in order to explain the origin of specific cultures, histories of events and main lead characters of such mythological stories. These narratives and myths were transferred from generation to generation and were considered as an integral part of society for most of the cultures. In today's world few people communicate about their ideas in the form of spoken words regarding to folktales, myths and narratives furthermore, many poets and fiction writers take the in-depth considerations of myths and narratives and prepare their own piece of work. On the other hand, mythology is also served as a filed in academic aspects and most of the historians and theologians are utilized the literature reviews of these myths and narratives for their scholastic purposes. Furthermore, even a common person is able to find out the valuable information from myths and unique stories, whatever their forms as a painting, poem or nay written play, these myths are continuously inspiring and serving the thinking patterns as a food of brain for its readers and viewers. In order to understand the concept of myths and their impact, a story has been selected for further considerations in this respect (, 2011).

Classic Literature: Hippolytus

Hippolytus is an ancient Greek tragedy based myth, which was written by Greek dramatist Euripides and it was first shaped at Dionysia, where it was awarded for the first prize as a part of trilogy. The plot was based on the Greek myth of Hippolytus who was the son of ...
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