Natural Sciences- Environmental Issues

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Natural Sciences- Environmental Issues

Natural Sciences- Environmental Issues


Over the years man has developed. Man has learned and is still learning. Man has been gifted with resources in abundant, and has been successful in making life easy and comfortable. Many believe that we have borrowed this planet from our future generations, and we must be careful about the way how resources are been used, as we will be returning this planet to our children. However, the ground reality is that the way how we are misusing then resources, makes us wonder if we will have any to return.

As man has progressed, the natural environment had resources to offer him conquer the world, and survive at the top of the natural food chain. However, the activities that man has been carrying out over the last few decades are harming the environment in many ways, and according to the experts, there will be a negative affect of all this, in the years to come, signs of which are clear now. Today, in this modern world of science and technology, man faces three issues at a global level, apart from others, which are in form of climate change, biodiversity loss and water system. In the discussion, the paper focuses on how these issues need to be tackled at a local level, and what is being done in regard to managing the adaptive management strategy, and what is the potential and actual importance in regard to all these issues. The paper will also be discussing various facts that pertain to the change in climate, los of biodiversity and water scarcity, for that matter.


Climate Change

Climate change is a lasting and a significant change in the distribution of the various patterns of weather over periods that spread from decades to millions of years. It can be a change in the weather condition at an average level, and it can also be a change in the distribution of the weather all over the globe. Changes in the climate happen by oceanic processes, variations in the radiation that is received by earth from the sun, eruption of volcanoes and human made alterations, which is causing global warming all over the world. Speaking about the climate change, our focus will be on the human created activities that are responsible for this. Our focus will be on global warming.

Global warming is a very serious issue. It is because of this that the temperature of the world is raising, ( Root, 2003). Global warming has gained the attention of many organizations that work for creating awareness regarding this issue. There are various governmental organizations and non-government organizations that are working for creating awareness among the various communities in the world.

Extreme weather events such as storms and heat waves are on a rise in various regions and the ice caps are melting at a very alarming pace. Apart from this, the sea levels all over the world are on a rise and the oceans are becoming ...
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