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Research Papers on Anthropology

Anthropology is a study of human groups and cultures that draws its knowledge from a range of social, natural and biological science subjects. Anthropology is a writing-intensive course and almost all the students of this subject are required to write a research paper. Researchomatic provides Anthropology research paper written by professional writers, who have majored in this subject for students who feel they can’t do it all by themselves.

China's Investment In Africa
China's Investment in Africa Abstract Economic collaboration by the United States and China with specific African countries can have a valuable impact on the people living there. Africa is home to enormous amounts of untapped economic potential such as natural resources and labor capacity. The United States and China are increasingly ...
Self Evaluation
SELF EVALUATION “Self evaluation in term of group project” “Self evaluation in term of group project” Roles in the group meetings The project concluded peacefully with the group performing very well in a synergetic way. The work went smoothly, will relevant numbers of meetings taking place for the work which required a high ...
Asian Communication Approach
ASIAN COMMUNICATION APPROACH Asian Communication Approach Asian Communication Approach Introduction Since antiquity, performance traditions from Asia and North Africa have influenced theatre created in civilizations to the West. Though the extent of influence is debated, the culture of ancient Greece was clearly indebted to Egyptian, Canaanite and Phoenician precedents (see Middle East). The Furies-turned-Eumenides ...
Skin Bleaching
SKIN BLEACHING Contemporary Motive of Skin Bleaching Across Jamaica, Ghana and India Abstract This paper is trying to explore the concept skin bleaching in Ghana, Jamaica and India in a holistic context. The research question for the paper is: What explains the contemporary motive of skin bleaching phenomenon across post colonize nations ...
The Origin And Evolution Of Non-Human Primates
The Origin and Evolution of Non-Human Primates [Instructor name] [Course name] The Origin and Evolution of Non-Human Primates Abstract The origins of non-human primates have been linked to 65 million years ago. Still, there have been many climatic changes, like the development of glaciers that spread these animals, or their fossils. It is also clear ...
Nayar Of India
NAYAR OF INDIA Nayar of India Nayar of India Introduction Nayar or Nayar (in Malayalam) is the name of an ethnic group originating in the state of India's Kerala. The term is inferred from the Sanskrit word Nayaka (leader) or Naga (snakes, an object of worship for Nayar). The main activities historically ...
The Road (Film Analysis)
The Road (Film Analysis) The Story A few dogs, mere sacks of bones, remain in the wasted world, but other creatures — birds, insects, and fish — have disappeared entirely. There are scant remnants of fungi, but the landscape for the most part, is a vast, cold ruin of dust and ash. ...
GORILLA'S Gorilla's In Their Natural Habitat And In The Zoo Abstract The debate has been in the limelight for a long period of time which draws the comparison between the animals in the natural habitat and animals in the Zoo. This study tends to highlight some issues in regards to the ...
Australian Aborigines
AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES Kinship in the Australian Aborigines Abstract We have seen, kinship in the aborigine societies affected their behavior completely. This may differ with my society since in our society kinship mostly results in different levels of respect. In our modern societies kinship does not restrict the interaction between people such as brothers ...
Cultural Research
CULTURAL RESEARCH The Enga: Australian Territory of New Guinea Abstract In this research paper, the researcher aims to determine various aspects of culture of the Enga, which is the Australian territory of New Guinea. The paper will focus on the culture of the Enga. Furthermore, the research paper will outline the various ...
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