Nursing Care Of The Child Theory And Practicum Nursing Research Article Critique

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Nursing Care of the Child Theory and Practicum Nursing Research Article Critique

Nursing Care of the Child Theory and Practicum Nursing Research Article Critique

Introduction to the Article

The article undertaken for analysis and interpretation is entitled “Critical Care Nursing, Ethical Decision-Making and Stress”, which has been crafted and produced by Judith A. Erlen and Susan M. Sereika. The article has been excerpted from the Journal of Advance Nursing, where the article was initially published in the year 1997.

Discussion and Analysis

Critical care nursing is an important, rather essential component that has been witnessed over the years. Doctors, lab assistant and even nursing practitioners have understood the importance of this entirely new discipline, which not only opened an entire avenue of the challenges and the problems experienced by those assisting patients who not only make way for a better outcome but also guarantee a speedy recovery or a smooth departure for these individuals over a defined time period (Erlen & Sereika, 1997).

However, in a real-life setting, where conditions are much severe and complex, ethical conditions are bound to be undertaken and executed not only as part of a better patient recovery, but also to save the patient, making the necessary arrangements altogether.

Purpose of the Study

Keeping in view of the challenges and the problems that have been undertaken in line with the challenges and the problems that have been experienced with patients over the years, ethical decision-making, to our surprise and astonishment, have not been addressed at length and with as much depth as it should have been promoted altogether.

The purpose of the study was to skim through the process of ethical decision-making process that is adopted and practiced by nurses at the time while serving in the critical care unit. This is necessary and extremely important since the decisions undertaken by these nurses would not only save the patient, but also account for a speedy, healthy recovery as they are admitted into the hospital (Allen, 2005).

Description of the Research Study

Three key variables have been excerpted in this study: critical care nursing, ethical decision-making and stress. Stress is rather controllable on a lot of occasions, but unfortunately that us individuals continue to live over the years continue to change the course of human development and recovery on the road to health.

Stress patterns that exist and are visible among the nurses who are serving their patients in the critical care nursing and who are ...
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