Nursing Care Services

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Nursing Care Services


In this study we try to explore the concept of “Nursing” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “Nursing” and its relation with “organizational environment”. The research also analyzes many aspects of “Nursing” and tries to gauge its effect on “organizational environment”. Finally the research describes various factors which are responsible for “topic” and tries to describe the overall effect of “Nursing” on “organizational environment.

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Analysis of environment of Nursing care Services4

Internal and External Analysis of the Environment5





Analysis of Industry of Health Care7



Analysis of environment of Nursing care Services

The Nursing Care Services is in the industry of home care, and they are providing supporting services to the people, who need help and are ill, they help people by helping them to maintain their independency & the quality of their life, and Nursing Care Services provide all these services to the customers at their homes. (

To evaluate the environment of a company there are certain things that have to be discussed. The environment of an organization can be judged based on the evaluation of its strategies, and its strategic management. The essential assumption of the concept of strategic management is that the strategy, which the firm has chosen for implementation would help the company accomplish its mission and objectives. (Arthur 2000)

The strategies of a firm take a great influence from its prior experiences and the strategies are usually shaped the process of experimentation and refinement through learning. One of the important aspects of strategic management is the management control I the organization, i.e. which type of control has the management of Nursing Care Services has applied in its company. The concept of management control describes the procedure through which a firm makes control the employees and the different departments to function in the way they want and achieve the organizational objectives. (Arthur 2000)

The current environment of nursing care services consists of things that are very important for companies operating in the field of home care nursing. They have prominently implied that they have registered themselves with the appropriate authorities and that they have a workforce of nurses, which are highly qualified and professional.

One of the best models to analyze the environment of an organization is the rational goal model. This model focuses on the capability of an organization to accomplish its objectives and goals. According to the Rational model the goals and objectives of an organization can be recognized by instituting the general objectives, and discovering the means for the accomplishment of the goals, and describing a set of actions for each goal. When we apply the rational goal model on Nursing Care Model, we can see that Nursing care services have defined their objectives very clearly on their website and they have described that they have been providing quality services to their customer for around twenty year. The fact they are operating in the industry for a long period of twenty years shows that they have been ...
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