Nursing - Case Study

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Nursing - Case Study

Nursing - Case Study

Case History

The given case study is of Mr. Kevin Stubble. He was 74 years old and had a body weight of around 120 kg. He was taken to the hospital by an ambulance on the call of his neighbor when he found Mr. Stubble collapsed on the floor. On inquiring, Mr. Stubble stated that he fell down at night when he was on the way to washroom because of having inconsistence in faeces and cramps in abdomen. On the time of admission in hospital, the ambulance officers reported that he was found disoriented and had been incontinency of faeces. The dress he was putting on was unkempt as he had been wearing them since last couple of days. He was not shaved, had splitted lips, and had a dry mucus membrane and halitosis. Mr. Stubble claimed that he was used to wear dentures and spectacles which he left at his home. He further stated that he had a prior history of arthritis in knees and therefore he was not so able to move. In addition, he did not feel like having a shower and for this reason he remain untidy for majority of time. He additionally told that he knew driving; though he had not been capable to travel to the stores and to get stuff for himself since several days prior to this happening.

At the time of Admission

A substantial amount of paperwork was required to be done at the time of admission in hospital which included proper and complete medical history, the records of medication if the patient was taken previously, recent updates about health, and personal information. Another step was of taking the patient's vital signs. These vital signs included body temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure and other vital signs. These figures were entered into the chart of patient.

Mr. Stubble did not need any isolation as he was quite comfortable with cohort patients at the same place. Adequate attention was being paid to him. His hygiene was substantially managed by the nursing staff and was provided sufficient assistance in moving himself.

Plan of Care for Mr. Stubble

By keeping the case history of Mr. Stubble in mind, a plan of care would be prepared that would include his each and every requirement of medicine, hygiene, and communication. The solutions and practices would be advocated to make sure the superior cure for him in every attribute of his need.


From the history of Mr. Stubble, it was obvious that he was a frail man living alone as his children do not visit him regularly. For this reason, he might be kept away from communicating his needs and demands. In order to make him feel comfortable, a warm and prompt atmosphere was crafted so that he could be able to effectively communicate his needs with nurse and/or his carers. Decisions regarding care and treatment processes were taken along with keeping his clinical conditions in mind, rather than just his ...
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