Nursing In Family

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Nursing in family

Nursing in family

How family works as a system in the promotion of health

The family unit constitutes a very integral part in the profession of nursing and special emphasis is placed on it, making it an important aspect. The family can work as a system for the purpose of promoting health among its members because family unit has a position between the society and individuals. The family serves as a crucial bargaining agent the individuals and society. This makes the main purpose of family to mediation (Friedman et. al, 2003).

Mediation refers to attaining the expectations and duties imposed by society and modifying them according to the needs and wants of the family members. This highlights the role family can play in the promotion of health. This happens because when one or more of the family members fall sick or become disabled, then it directly or indirectly affects the rest of the family members. When they seek treatment and support for that member, then they also require support and motivation in order to help the patient move towards recovery (Friedman et. al, 2003).

Family is a closely-network where one member's life exerts an effect on the rest of the members. Therefore if the nurse neglects the family while assessing and administering care to the patient, it might happen that the nurse will miss out on the critical aspects to look into while addressing the situation as whole (Potter & Perry, 2009). The most vital of all resources to deliver healthcare to individuals is the family unit. Treatments and health care proves to be effective and efficient only if family is also involved while treating the patient. Alone, the patient is unable to progress towards recovery and with the help of family, this speed increases substantially (Friedman et. al, 2003). ...
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